The Yueyang Chang Sect was a cultivational sect that resided in Yueyang. Most members of the family were murdered in their home by Xue Yang, who aside of seeking revenge, possibly also tested the reconstructed Stygian Tiger Seal on them.[1] The remnants of the Yueyang Chang Sect and their last leader, Chang Ping were later murdered via lingchi and their eyes gouged out by Xue Yang masquerading as Xiao Xingchen using the sword Shuanghua.


Chang Cian's Cruelty and Xue Yang


Incident at Carp Tower

Xiao Xingchen apprehended their murderer, Xue Yang, and dragged him to the Discussion Conference at Carp Tower, presenting a straightforward list of evidence as well. Although the Lanling Jin Sect was determined on protecting Xue Yang due to the Stygian Tiger Seal, Xiao Xingchen did not waver. As the stalemate continued, Nie Mingjue was startled to appear. With an angry lecture, Jin Guangshan was left with no words and a great deal of embarrassment. Nie Mingjue unsheathed his sabre Baxia on the spot with the intention of killing Xue Yang. Even when Jin Guangyao attempted to ease the situation, he ordered the latter to leave.

In the end, the Lanling Jin Sect could only give in, locking away the still-smiling Xue Yang. Before he was taken away, Xue Yang spoke affectionately to Xiao Xingchen: “Daozhang, you wouldn't forget me, would you? Let's wait and see.” Although the Lanling Jin Sect promised in front of all of the sects that Xue Yang would be executed, when Nie Mingjue left, it immediately shut Xue Yang into the dungeons and changed the original decision to a life sentence, and would not hand Xue Yang over to an enranged Nie Mingjue.

Shortly afterward, Nie Mingjue passed away from qi deviation. Now that the person who was most difficult to deal with was gone, the Lanling Jin Sect began to pressure the Yueyang Chang Sect's current leader Chang Ping. From coercion to harassment, in the end, the Lanling Jin Sect finally pressured Chang Ping into correcting his words, invalidating all of his past speeches. He announced that the massacre had nothing to do with Xue Yang.

Upon Xiao Xingchen's inquiry, Chang Ping responded helplessly:

“What can I do aside from this? If I don’t tolerate it, the rest of our clan’s people wouldn’t be safe for long. I’m really grateful, Daozhang, but… please don’t help me anymore. Now, helping me would be harming me. I don’t want the Yueyang Chang Sect to end yet.”

And thus, the tiger had been set free back to the mountains.

End of the Yueyang Chang Sect

A few years later, Xue Yang masquerading as Xiao Xingchen killed the survivors, including Chang Ping, via lingchi.[2]