Wen Chao (温晁, Wēn Cháo) was the youngest son of Wen Ruohan, the leader of the Qishan Wen Sect.


Wen Chao's looks could be described as barely passable for handsome and a little greasy, like his hair[1].


Wen Chao is as prideful as his father and has a poor temper. Unlike his father, Wen Chao is cowardly and unable to fight for himself, relying on others such as the "Core Melting Hand" to fight for him. He is also vindictive as he desired Wei Wuxian to be tortured because he disrespected him. He is promiscuous as he has no problem going after other girls despite being in a relationship. Despite demanding respect, he has none for others, laughing and disrespecting the corpses of Jiang Fengmian and Yu Ziyuan.



Abilities & Weapons


  • Chao (晁) is normally used exclusively as a surname with no particular meaning behind it, but this character can also be associated with the sun[1].


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