First Life

Deaths of Cangse Sanren and Wei Changze

Wei Wuxian does not recall much about his parents, who died during a night-hunt while he was still quite young.[1] One of his few memories involves riding on his silent father's shoulders while his mother smiles at him from her seat on their donkey.[2]

After his parents' deaths, he lived on the streets of Yiling, and developed a fear of dogs from traumatic experiences fighting them for food.[3]

Joining the Yunmeng Jiang Clan

Jiang Fengmian eventually finds Wei Wuxian in Yiling when the latter is about nine or ten. After feeding him a piece of melon, Jiang Fengmian carries Wei Wuxian home to Lotus Pier.[3] That night, Jiang Fengmian even allows Wei Wuxian to sit on his arm, arousing Jiang Cheng's jealousy and Yu Ziyuan's fury, since Jiang Fengmian is rarely affectionate to his own son.[4]

Unfortunately, Wei Wuxian's intense fear of dogs prompts Jiang Fengmian to force Jiang Cheng to give away his puppies. Although Jiang Fengmian tells the boys to share a bedroom, Wei Wuxian is promptly locked out by the frustrated Jiang Cheng. After begging his brother to let him in, Wei Wuxian flees Lotus Pier once Jiang Cheng threatens to send dogs after him.[4]

Jiang Yanli eventually finds Wei Wuxian hiding in a tree later that night. After Jiang Yanli persuades him to return, Wei Wuxian falls from the tree and Jiang Yangli fails to catch him. Still, Jiang Yanli manages to carry the injured Wei Wuxian back home on her back. Along the way, they encounter Jiang Cheng, who has also injured his leg while searching for him. In the end, Jiang Yanli carries both boys to Lotus Pier on her back. By the end of their excursion, Jiang Cheng and Wei Wuxian are friends, and Jiang Cheng even promises Wei Wuxian that he will chase dogs away for him if he sees them, after Wei Wuxian promises Jiang Cheng that he will not to tell Jiang Fengmian what he did.[4]

Studying at the Cloud Recesses

"It's Emperor's Smile! I'll give you a jar, can you pretend that you never saw me?"

At the age of fifteen, Wei Wuxian and Jiang Cheng are sent to study with the Gusu Lan Clan's famous teacher, Lan Qiren. Unable to sleep their first night, Wei Wuxian slips away from the Cloud Recesses to purchase the renowned wine Emperor's Smile. When he attempts to sneak back inside, he is caught by Lan Wangji.[5]

Wei Wuxian earns further disapproval in class, when he suggests that the harnessing of resentful energy could enable cultivators to bypass need for a Golden Core. Lan Qiren forces him to copy the rules as punishment, but Nie Huaisang quickly offers to do the work for Wei Wuxian, so long as Wei Wuxian assists him on his exams. The two are ultimately caught by Lan Wangji, and as punishment, Wei Wuxian is ordered to spend the next month copying the clan rules in the Library Pavilion, with Lan Wangji as his supervisor. He frequently falls victim to the Gusu Lan Clan's Silence Spell during this time.[6]

As his month of punishment ends, Wei Wuxian gifts Lan Wangji a beautiful portrait of himself with a flower drawn in his hair. Lan Wangji is irritated, but, a moment later, he discovers that Wei Wuxian has switched out the Buddhist text he had been reading with a book of erotic illustrations. Lan Wangji reacts with horror and fury, and, while Wei Wuxian continues to tease him, ultimately destroys the book Wei Wuxian had borrowed from Nie Huaisang.[7]

Their classes take a brief break when Lan Qiren departs for the Qinghe Nie Clan's Discussion Conference. During this time, Wei Wuxian and Jiang Cheng are invited to accompany Lan Wangji and Lan Xichen to investigate reports of Water Ghosts in Caiyi Town.[8] Upon investigating, they discover that the water ghosts come from a Waterborne Abyss that the Qishan Wen Clan has driven downstream after they failed to purge it. In the process, Wei Wuxian attempts to save Su She from the abyss, but in the end, both have to be rescued by Lan Wangji. During his rescue, Lan Wangji holds Wei Wuxian by his collar, claiming that he dislikes touching others.[9]

Upon their return to the Cloud Recesses, Wei Wuxian agrees to purchase liquor for Nie Huaisang, Jiang Cheng, and the others. He is caught once again by Lan Wangji. In desperation, Wei Wuxian topples the both of them outside the walls so that, technically, they have both broken curfew. Although Wei Wuxian expects Lan Wangji to let it go, Lan Wangji instead punishes both himself and Wei Wuxian with a beating, to the latter's dismay.[10]

Jiang Cheng insists on carrying Wei Wuxian due to his injuries, although Wei Wuxian's theatrics earn the concern of Lan Xichen. After noting that the wounds are indeed severe, Lan Xichen tells Wei Wuxian to use their clan's cold springs to heal himself. At the cold springs, he once more encounters Lan Wangji, to Lan Wangji's apparent distress.[10]

As their lessons become less frequent due to troubles with the Waterborne Abyss, Wei Wuxian ventures outside to catch two rabbits. He presents them to Lan Wangji to cook, but Lan Wangji reminsd him that killing is also against the rules. Both are surprised when the rabbits suddenly begin to mate in front of them, although they are both male.[10]

While learning the life story of Lan An, Wei Wuxian and Jiang Cheng overhear Jiang Yanli's fiancé Jin Zixuan insult her. After Jin Zixuan doubles down on his displeasure with the arrangement and insults both Jiang Yanli and Jiang Cheng, Wei Wuxian punches him. The two brawl, and are forced to kneel outside in punishment. Lan Wangji approaches Wei Wuxian in concern, only to discover that Wei Wuxian's shoulders shake from laughter, not tears, as he amuses himself with an anthill.[10]

Lan Qiren summons Jiang Fengmian and Jin Guangshan to the Cloud Recesses to discuss the matter, and ultimately, when Jiang Fengmian departs, he takes Wei Wuxian back to Lotus Pier with him.[10]

The following summer, Wei Wuxian often speaks of Lan Wangji to the rest of the Yunmeng Jiang Clan disciples, indicating that he likely does not find Lan Wangji as boring as he claims.[11]

Damsel of Annual Blossoms

At some point during his youth, Wei Wuxian ventures to Tanzhou, determined to see the secret face of the Damsel of Annual Blossoms. In order to see her face, whenever he came to the garden, he purposefully recites poetry wrong to anger her into striking him with flowers and throwing him out of her garden. But every time he awakens, he crawls back inside and continues to recite incorrectly. After over twenty incorrect recitations, he finally glimpses the Damsel’s face.[12]

After this, he goes about praising her beauty. However, the irritated Damsel refuses to appear for a while, and whenever Wei Wuxian returns, she pounds him with a rain of flowers.[12]

Archery Competition in Nightless City

About a year after their time in the Cloud Recesses, Wei Wuxian and Jiang Cheng attend the Qishan Wen Clan's grand Discussion Conference and participate in their archery competition. On his way to the competition, Wei Wuxian notice Wen Ning practicing archery in a garden. Wei Wuxian bursts in to compliment him, and the shy Wen Ning promptly flees.[13]

As each clan chooses archers for the competition, Wei Wuxian overhears Wen Chao express doubt about Wen Ning's archery ability. Wei Wuxian advocates for his skill, prompting Wen Chao to order a demonstration from Wen Ning. Unfortunately, Wen Ning's nerves fail him, and he misses the target. Despite this, Wei Wuxian seeks him out to encourage him before the competition began.[13]

Wei Wuxian also encounters Lan Wangji for the first time after the Cloud Recesses shortly before the archery competition begins. To Lan Wangji's vexation, Wei Wuxian teases him that his forehead ribbon is crooked, although it truly is not. During the competition, however, Wei Wuxian notices that the ribbon truly is crooked, and in his attempt to fix it, he accidentally pulls off Lan Wangji's sacred forehead ribbon. Wei Wuxian is stunned by Lan Wangji's emotional response and subsequent departure from the competition.[12]

Despite leaving early, Lan Wangji manages to place fourth overall, and Wei Wuxian is also among the top four winners.[14]

Killing the Tortoise of Slaughter

About a year later, the Qishan Wen Clan summons twenty junior disciples from all of the major clans to attend their training, claiming that the other clans teach poorly and waste talent. Wei Wuxian quickly declares his wished to attend alongside the required Jiang Cheng. Yu Ziyuan expresses frustration that Jiang Cheng cannot choose while Wei Wuxian can, lashing out at the boys, Jiang Fengmian, and Jiang Yanli in the process.[14]

Wen Chao is the primary overseer of the indoctrination, and, as he had fared poorly in the archery competition, he particularly bullies the three winners who attend the training: Lan Wangji, Jin Zixuan, and Wei Wuxian. The guest disciples are repeatedly forced to participate in night-hunts that result in Wen Chao killing the prey they have put much effort into severely wounding. Additionally, all of the guest cultivators are forced to hand over their swords to Wen Chao. Despite their frustrations, Jiang Cheng warns Wei Wuxian not to cause trouble, noting that the presence of the renowned Wen Zhuliu as Wen Chao's bodyguard.[14]

During a night-hunt, Wei Wuxian is informed of the burning of the Cloud Recesses and Lan Wangji's broken leg. He insists on carrying Lan Wangji, but Lan Wangji refuses to allow him.[15]

Tensions come to a boil during a night-hunt on Dusk-Creek Mountain, when Wen Chao forces all the guest cultivators into a cave to fight an unknown creature. The creature fails to appear, so Wen Chao suggests bleeding someone as bait, and his mistress Wang Lingjiao promptly suggests Mianmian. Lan Wangji and Jin Zixuan allow the frantic Mianmian to hide behind them, and refuse to move when Wen Chao orders and threatens them to step aside. This leads Wei Wuxian to begrudgingly respect Jin Zixuan.[15]

As the situation escalates, Wei Wuxian intervenes, using a quote from Wen Mao to humiliate Wen Chao. A fight soon breaks out, and Wei Wuxian easily disarms Wen Chao, taking him hostage atop an island in a pool of water.[15] However, the island is actually the creature they had been hunting – the legendary Tortoise of Slaughter.[16]

Wei Wuxian releases Wen Chao to escape Wen Zhuliu's attack, and promptly saves Mianmian's face from being branded by the jealous Wang Lingjiao. In the process, he strikes Wang Lingjiao, and her Branding Iron strikes his chest, leaving a permanent scar.[16]Wen Chao flees the skirmish with the members of the Qishan Wen Clan, and blocks the cave entrance to trap the guest cultivators inside with the Tortoise. Lan Wangji, however, notices that there must be a second way out: the pool in which Tortoise of Slaughter hides contains maple leaves, yet there are no maple leaves by their first entrance.[16]

As Jiang Cheng locates the exit in the pool, Wei Wuxian distracts the Tortoise of Slaughter so that the others can follow Jiang Cheng to escape. However, when Su She attempts to help by shooting an arrow towards the Tortoise, he accidentally shoots Wei Wuxian. The Tortoise attacks Wei Wuxian, and Lan Wangji leaps in to save him, though his already-injured leg is bitten by the Tortoise. Wei Wuxian carries him away from their exit to save his life, and the two are thus trapped in the cave alone.[16]

While treating each other's wounds, Lan Wangji expressed annoyance and jealousy of Wei Wuxian's flirtatious antics with Mianmian, eventually biting him to vent his frustrations.[17]

Lan Wangji revealed to Wei Wuxian that the Gusu Lan Clan could not save them, admitting tearfully that his father was dying and his brother was missing. He explained that the Tortoise of Slaughter was likely the legendary creature from four-hundred years ago, and, eventually, they decided to kill the Tortoise of Slaughter together if no help arrived in three days.[17]

Lan Wangji used the Gusu Lan Clan’s Chord Assassination Technique to kill the tortoise after Wei Wuxian lured it out of its shell, a process that took six entire hours. However, when Wei Wuxian ventured inside the shell, filled with corpse sludge from all the people the tortoise had eaten, he encountered an iron sword with such powerful resentful energy that, from the moment he picked it up, his ears filled with piercing wails.[18][19]

Unfortunately, the tortoise had destroyed their underwater escape in its death throes, leaving them with no choice but to wait for help. As Wei Wuxian began to fell ill with a fever from days of unrest along with contact with the pool water and corpse sludge, Lan Wangji took care of him, and even sang him Wangxian. Although Wei Wuxian asked Lan Wangji the name, he fell unconscious before he learned it.[19]

They were rescued after spending one week in the cave. When he awoke in Lotus Pier, Wei Wuxian was fed soup by Jiang Yanli before Jiang Fengmian came to speak with him.[19]

Wei Wuxian was stunned to hear that Lan Wangji had given him most of the credit for the kill, insisting that Lan Wangji deserved more credit than he. Jiang Cheng attempted to lecture him for causing trouble, and when Jiang Fengmian attempted to correct him, Yu Ziyuan arrived to vent her anger over her husband's favoritism.[19]

After Jiang Fengmian and Yu Ziyuan had left, Wei Wuxian insisted that he and Jiang Cheng speak plainly, not hiding anything in their hearts. After Jiang Cheng expressed despair that his father did not love him, Wei Wuxian insisted that Jiang Cheng could be a good clan leader even if he was different from previous leaders of the Yunmeng Jiang Clan. He promised that when Jiang Cheng becomes the leader of Yunmeng Jiang, Wei Wuxian would be his right-hand man, and they would be the Twin Prides of Yunmeng, much like the Gusu Lan Clan's Twin Jades.[19]

Massacre of Lotus Pier

Wang Lingjiao soon arrived at Lotus Pier, arresting their sixth shidi on trumped charges of ill intent towards the Qishan Wen Clan. When Yu Ziyuan spoke with her, Wang Lingjiao announced that she had come to punish Wei Wuxian for 'distracting' Wen Chao while he killed the Tortoise of Slaughter.[20]

Yu Ziyuan initially seemed to comply, beating Wei Wuxian with Zidian while Jiang Cheng begged her to stop. Although she claimed that Wei Wuxian would not be able to heal for a month, Wang Lingjiao insisted that Yu Ziyuan cut off his hand.[20]

As Jiang Cheng pled with his mother, Yu Ziyuan ordered her maids Jinzhu and Yinzhu to close the doors. As Wang Lingjiao delightedly informed Yu Ziyuan that Lotus Pier would become the Qishan Wen Clan's new supervisory office in Yunmeng, Wei Wuxian was resigned to losing his hand to keep peace.[20]

To everyone's astonishment, Yu Ziyuan then slapped Wang Lingjiao. Jinzhu and Yinzhu quickly slaughtered the rest of the Qishan Wen Clan cultivators, but as Yu Ziyuan prepared to kill Wang Lingjiao, Wen Zhuliu rushed in to protect her in time.[20][21]

In the resulting fight, Wang Lingjiao fired off Signal Fireworks to summon many members of the Qishan Wen Clan to Lotus Pier. Yu Ziyuan dragged Wei Wuxian and Jiang Cheng to a boat and bound them with Zidian. She ordered them not to return to Lotus Pier, to flee to her Meishan Yu Clan to find Jiang Yanli, and requested to Wei Wuxian that he protect Jiang Cheng with his life. As the boys were sent away, she returned back and prepare for battle.[21]

As they drifted in the current, the returning Jiang Fengmian encountered the two. Although he initially removed Zidian, upon hearing the name of Wen Zhuliu, he rebound the two and again ordered Wei Wuxian to protect Jiang Cheng.[21]

When the two finally managed to return to Lotus Pier, they found their entire clan massacred. As they overhead Wen Chao console Wang Lingjiao that both Jiang Fengmian and Yu Ziyuan were dead.[13]

In despair, Jiang Cheng attempted to choke Wei Wuxian, demanding to know why he had tried to defend Lan Wangji and Jin Zixuan in the cave of the Tortoise of Slaughter. Eventually, however, both boys cried and began to make their way to Meishan.[13]

Loss of the Golden Core

A few days later, Wei Wuxian was alarmed to find Jiang Cheng missing after he had ventured out to the market. He returned to Lotus Pier, presuming his sworn brother had attempted to return for his parents' bodies.[13]

Fortunately, Wen Ning had also arrived at Lotus Pier, and quickly offered to help Wei Wuxian recover the captured Jiang Cheng. Wen Ning then smuggled the two fugitives back to his sister's supervisory office in Yiling.[13]

Wen Qing was infuriated by her brother's recklessness, but she agreed to help Jiang Cheng for a few days while Wen Chao was away. However, Jiang Cheng awoke to confess that his Golden Core had been melted by Wen Zhuliu, believing his life was worthless if he could not cultivate.[22]

Aware that Wen Qing had once written a paper theorizing on golden core transplantations, Wei Wuxian pled with her to transfer his own golden core into Jiang Cheng. Although she warned him that the chances of the operation working were only fifty-percent, but she reluctantly agreed.[23]

Not wanting his brother to feel poorly upon learning the truth,[24] Wei Wuxian told Jiang Cheng that he recalled how to find his mother's teacher, Baoshan Sanren, and that Baoshan Sanren could restore golden cores.[22] He then directed Jiang Cheng up a mountain, where Wen Qing and Wen Ning spent two days and a night extracting Wei Wuxian's golden core and implanting it into Jiang Cheng. Because of the high risk of damaging his golden core, Wei Wuxian was awake without anesthetic the entire time.[23]

Wei Wuxian waited in a small village for Jiang Cheng to return, but upon entering a teashop, quickly realized something was amiss. He was caught by Wen Zhuliu, but when Wen Chao and Wang Lingjiao expressed a desire to torture him, Wei Wuxian taunted them with the possibility that he would haunt them as a vicious ghost.[22]

Disconcerted, Wen Chao elected to severely beat Wei Wuxian before throwing him into the Yiling Burial Mounds, warning him that no one had ever been able to escape before.[22]

Invention of Demonic Cultivation

For the next three months, Wei Wuxian took to refining his original idea to harness resentful energy for power without a golden core. He crafted a flute Chenqing to use music to control Fierce Corpses and other demonic creatures, and invented the beginnings of the Spirit-Attraction Flag through reversing the script on typical spirit-suppressing talismans, using human blood as ink.[25]

Sunshot Campaign

Death of Wen Chao

Wei Wuxian was thus missing for the first three months of the Sunshot Campaign. However, once he mastered his demonic techniques, he sought out Wang Lingjiao, Wen Chao, and Wen Zhuliu as his first victims. He found them in a supervisory office, and drove all but Wen Zhuliu mad, intending to torment Wen Zhuliu by his inability to protect Wen Chao. Under Wei Wuxian's methods, Wang Lingjiao bit off Wen Chao's penis before choking to death as she attempted to swallow a chair leg. Wen Chao, meanwhile, stripped his hands and legs of his own flesh and ate it before Wen Zhuliu fled with him. Wei Wuxian followed them for four days, killing all of the members of the Qishan Wen Clan he found along the way.[25][26]

Wei Wuxian revealed himself to his prey as they sheltered in a courier office, accompanied by a ghoul woman and a demonic baby. Lan Wangji and Jiang Cheng, however, had also been pursuing Wen Chao, and upon recognizing Wei Wuxian, immediately leapt into the station.[26]

Jiang Cheng expressed relief to see his sworn brother alive, and returned Suibian to him. As Jiang Cheng restrained Wen Zhuliu with Zidian, Lan Wangji demanded to know how Wei Wuxian controlled the ghouls at his commands. He then attacked Wei Wuxian with his talismans, warning him that this dark path would affect his heart. Wei Wuxian scoffed at the idea that anyone else should care about his heart, further angering Lan Wangji, who then requested that Wei Wuxian return to Gusu with him.[26]

Wei Wuxian interpreted Lan Wangji's request as a desire to punish him, and Jiang Cheng intervened, insisting that Lan Wangji had overstepped his place, as Wei Wuxian was not a member of the Gusu Lan Clan. Both of them dismissed Lan Wangji as they prepared to torture Wen Chao and Wen Zhuliu to death, while forcing Wen Chao to kneel in the direction of Yunmeng.[26]

Jiangling Front

Wei Wuxian and Jiang Cheng continued to work alongside with Lan Wangji on the Jiangling front. Although Wei Wuxian and Lan Wangji maintained a working relationship, although they frequently argued over the latter's methods. Lan Wangji believed that Wei Wuxian caused too much bloodshed in his methods, and at one point, Lan Xichen arrived to help maintain their cooperation.[27]

Wei Wuxian's methods were brutal, as he dug deep into the earth to overturn all of the Qishan Wen Clan's cemeteries. The Fierce Corpses he raised were then used to attack their descendants, and for every cultivator killed, he then turned them into Fierce Corpses to kill their friends and family.[2]

Langya Front

At one point, Wei Wuxian and Jiang Cheng arrived to assist Jin Guangshan in Langya. Jiang Yanli accompanied them as a cook, and to their gratitude, provided extra bowls of soup for her brothers.[28]

Unbeknownst to them, she had also been providing Jin Zixuan with an extra bowl. However, another woman had been taking credit for it, and when Jin Zixuan found Jiang Yanli in his room one day, he accused her of lying to get close to him when she confessed the truth.[28]

Wei Wuxian arrived to see his shijie in tears, and immediately pounced on Jin Zixuan. After the other woman was summoned and the truth came out, it took Jiang Cheng, Jin Guangshan, and Jiang Yanli to keep Wei Wuxian from continuing to beat Jin Zixuan.[28]

During the Sunshot Campaign, Wei Wuxian also developed the Yin Tiger Tally from the iron sword he had originally found in the Tortoise of Slaughter. He used it to control hundreds-to-thousands of corpses at once. Although the time and location of its use are not specified, he used the weapon in the presence of Jin Guangshan, implies he may have used the Yin Tiger Tally at Langya.[29]

Flower Banquet at Koi Tower

In the aftermath of the war, the Lanling Jin Clan held a lavish banquet. Wei Wuxian reluctantly attended with Jiang Cheng, and attracted the criticism of Nie Mingjue for not carrying Suibian. He soon left the banquet after another argument with Jin Zixuan.[30]

Night-Hunt at Phoenix Mountain

Wei Wuxian rode at the head of the Yunmeng Jiang Clan’s riding formation alongside Jiang Cheng, receiving flowers tossed by many female admirers. However, he kept the flower Jiang Yanli tossed to him, and even threw flowers of his own towards Lan Wangji to tease him.[28]

At the archery competition to start the hunt, Wei Wuxian scoffed at Jin Zixuan's arrogance. Determined to beat Jin Zixuan, Wei Wuxian asked Lan Wangji to borrow his forehead ribbon to use as a blindfold, but Lan Wangji refused. Ultimately, Wei Wuxian used the ribbon from his wristguard to blindfold himself and shoot straight through the target.[28]

After the hunt began, Wei Wuxian remained blindfolded as he played Chenqing to summon evil spirits to hunt for him. He was stunned, however, when someone pushed him against the tree and passionately kissed him, before stealing the flower Jiang Yanli had given him.[28]

Surprised, Wei Wuxian removed his blindfold and searched the area. He eventually found Lan Wangji hacking a tree with Bichen and teased him about never having kissed anyone, while simultaneously claiming to have kissed many girls – a claim he would later admit was a lie.[28][31]

The two then encountered Jin Zixuan and Jiang Yanli. Believing that Jin Zixuan was upsetting his sister, Wei Wuxian leapt between them and confronted him. Madam Jin then arrived to scold her son, and Jin Zixun led multiple cultivators, including Clan Leader Yao, to confront Wei Wuxian for taking too much prey.[28]

Jin Zixun dismissed Wei Wuxian as the "son of a servant," and Jiang Yanli earnestly defended him against the complaints and insults. When she prepared to leave with Wei Wuxian, everyone was stunned as Jin Zixuan blurted out his feelings for Jiang Yanli in front of the crowd and ran away.[32]

Meeting Lan Wangji in Yunmeng

Meeting in Yunmeng

When Wei Wuxian saw that Lan Wangji was visiting Yunmeng, he conspired to have several female Ghosts shower him with flowers, before tossing a pink peony himself. Wei Wuxian invited Lan Wangji to join him in the tavern, but when Lan Wangji attempted to invite him to Gusu once again, Wei Wuxian reacted with dismissal and annoyance.[4]

Incident at Qiongqi Path

Wei Wuxian was stunned to see Wen Qing arrive at Lotus Pier dressed in rags. She begged his help in finding her brother, who had been takenby Jin Zixun. Wei Wuxian then arrived at a private banquet, drank the alcohol Jin Zixun had been pressuring the Jades of Lan into drinking, and demanded an audience with Jin Zixun.[29]

When Jin Zixun told him to wait for at least several hours, Wei Wuxian grew impatient. After informing him that he wished to find Wen Ning, a remnant of the Qishan Wen Clan that Jin Zixun had captured, their argument escalated until Jin Guangshan stepped in. However, once Jin Guangshan mentioned the Yin Tiger Tally, Wei Wuxian mocked him for wishing to replace the Qishan Wen Clan. He then took out Chenqing and gave Jin Zixun to the count of three to tell him the location of Wen Ning, or he would summon corpses to Koi Tower. Jin Zixun finally told him to search Qiongqi Path, and Wei Wuxian departed.[29]

Wei Wuxian and Wen Qing found the enslaved members of the Qishan Wen Clan abused, shamed, and made to carve off the engravings of their own clan's history which had once marked the walls of the valley road to make way for new dramas detailing feats of the Lanling Jin Clan. When Wei Wuxian questioned the guards on the missing Wen Ning's location, they insisted that he must have been there, as they would never kill people.[29]

Wei Wuxian quickly accused the guards of not considering any member of the Qishan Wen Clan people. Using Chenqing, Wei Wuxian then awoke those who had died and been buried to cover the guards' abuse, including Wen Ning. In cold retribution, Wei Wuxian allowed him and his fellow walking corpses to take his revenge on the guards who had killed them, before the freeing fifty-or-so remnants and taking them to the Yiling Burial Mounds to live under his protection.[29]

Leaving the Yunmeng Jiang Clan

Jiang Cheng visited the Burial Mounds to warn his brother that he could not protect him if he insisted on protecting the members of the Qishan Wen Clan. Wei Wuxian angrily reminded him that Wen Ning and Wen Qing had saved them, but Jiang Cheng replied that society had already made up their minds against anyone with the name of Wen.[33]

Jiang Cheng became furious when Wei Wuxian explained that he promised the devastated Wen Qing that he would restore the consciousness of Wen Ning's Fierce Corpse. Wei Wuxian then declared that he would leave the clan so that Jiang Cheng did not have to protect him, and the two arranged a duel. In the end, Jiang Cheng stabbed Wei Wuxian, and Wei Wuxian summoned Wen Ning to break Jiang Cheng's arm, and the two left cursing each other.[33]

Life at the Burial Mounds

Taking pity on Wen Yuan, a toddler on the Burial Mounds, Wei Wuxian brought him to Yiling to shop for food. Unfortunately, Wen Yuan wandered away, and Wei Wuxian was stunned to find him crying and clinging to the leg of Lan Wangji.[34]

Wei Wuxian eventually intervened, and distracted Wen Yuan by asking if he wanted to buy toys from a vendor. However, he had only meant to tease the child, not to buy the toys. Lan Wangji then stepped in to buy as many toys as the boy wanted.[34]

Lan Wangji then took Wei Wuxian and Wen Yuan to a restaurant to eat, and informed Wei Wuxian that Jiang Yanli and Jin Zixuan would be married soon. However, their meal was quickly interrupted by a talisman burning from the Burial Mounds, signaling trouble.[34]

Wei Wuxian, Lan Wangji, and Wen Yuan returned to discover that Wen Ning's unconscious corpse had gotten free. As Lan Wangji and Wei Wuxian both played melodies to control him, Wei Wuxian successfully restored his consciousness.[35]

Lan Wangji departed soon after, expressing further concern that Wei Wuxian could not control his cultivation. Wei Wuxian, however, was treated to a meal by the Wen remnants, including Granny Wen and Uncle Four, who were delighted to have Wen Ning back.[35]

Not long after, Wen Ning and Wei Wuxian went into Yiling and encountered Jiang Cheng and Jiang Yanli. Jiang Yanli had made soup for her brothers and even gave some to Wen Ning, though he could not eat. She wore her bridal robes for Wei Wuxian and requested that he choose a courtesy name for her future son. Wei Wuxian chose "Rulan," and Jiang Cheng scoffed at his use of the "Lan" from the Gusu Lan Clan.[35]

Death of Jin Zixuan

After Jin Ling was born, Jiang Yanli and Jin Zixuan invited Wei Wuxian to his nephew's one-month celebration. Overjoyed, Wei Wuxian carved a charmed bell for his nephew, and adorned it with a tassel pendant he purchased from Lanling's treasure pavilion.[36]

But as he and Wen Ning walked along Qiongqi Path, Wei Wuxian realized that the path was too quiet. Wen Ning saved him from an arrow, and Jin Zixun appeared with three-hundred cultivators to ambush him.[36]

Jin Zixun revealed that he suffered from the Hundred Holes Curse, saying that if Wei Wuxian would not remove it, he would kill him to free himself from the curse. Although Wei Wuxian insisted on his innocence, he said that if wanted to kill Jin Zixun, he would have done it a thousand times worse, escalated the situation.[36]

When Wei Wuxian attempted to summon corpses with Chenqing, Jin Zixun taunted that he had already removed every corpse along the path. Wei Wuxian then began to control Wen Ning to attack the three-hundred cultivators while he faced off against Jin Zixun.[36]

Jin Zixuan suddenly arrived to leap between them, having been informed of the ambush by Jin Guangyao. As he attempted to insist that Wei Wuxian should submit to Koi Tower's questions, promising his release if he was innocent, Wei Wuxian expressed disbelief, even accusing him of knowing of the attack. In this moment, Wei Wuxian lost control of his anger and demonic cultivation, and as a result, Wen Ning put his fist through Jin Zixuan's heart.[36]

Wei Wuxian collapsed in horror, because Wen Ning killed Jin Zixuan knowing that he hurt his sister feeling. Wen Ning then killed Jin Zixun before returning Wei Wuxian to the Burial Mounds.[36]

Wei Wuxian was further horrified when Wen Qing and Wen Ning announced that Koi Tower had demanded their surrender as conditions for a truce. Wen Qing then paralyzed Wei Wuxian for three days, and her last words to him were "Thank you", and "I'm sorry."[37]

Immediately after regaining the use of his limbs, Wei Wuxian rushed to Koi Tower, where he observed Jiang Yanli and Madam Jin kneeling before Jin Zixuan's coffin. Madam Jin recognized him, and alerted the guards before Wei Wuxian could speak to Jiang Yanli.[37]

Bloodbath of Nightless City

Wandering from city to city in a daze, Wei Wuxian overheard a group of low-level cultivators discussing him. They claimed that that Wen Ning had lost control again during his surrender, killing cultivators from multiple clans, before he and his sister were burned alive.[37]

Wei Wuxian brutally kicks the man who had spread the most untruths, before seeing the announcement spread across a city gate: a pledge conference to oppose the Yiling Patriarch, to be held in Nightless City.[37]

Hiding among the heavenly beast statues atop the Palace of Sun and Flames, Wei Wuxian witnessed Jin Guangshan pour out the ashes of, supposedly, Wen Qing and Wen Ning, before pledging to lay siege to the remaining fifty or so members of the Qishan Wen Clan on the Burial Mounds.[38]

Wei Wuxian then made his entrance, reminding Jin Guangshan of his word to forget the deaths of Jin Zixuan and Jin Zixun if Wen Qing and Wen Ning surrendered themselves. Jin Guangshan replied that Wen Ning's loss of control had nullified their agreement, and, during their argument, an archer shot Wei Wuxian in his chest.[38]

Wei Wuxian retaliated by hurling the arrow back into the archer, killing him and devastating his young brother. A battle began once Wei Wuxian used Chenqing to raise the many corpses around Nightless City.[38]

Lan Wangji attempted to reason with him, but Wei Wuxian was convinced that he wished to kill him, even claiming that he had known they were destined to fight each other. However, he regained some control over himself when he heard Jiang Yanli crying out his name.[38]

Wei Wuxian, Lan Wangji, and Jiang Cheng all rushed for her, but in his current state of mind, Wei Wuxian could not control the corpse that slashed her in the back. Still, she was not mortally wounded, and Lan Wangji quickly dispatched the corpse.[38]

Jiang Yanli wordlessly expressed that she had come because she wished to see Wei Wuxian again, and aloud, requested that he stop the corpses. Wei Wuxian agreed, and the battle began to end.[38]

Suddenly, Jiang Yanli shoved him, and a sword pierced into her own throat instead. The brother of the archer had attempted to gain revenge on Wei Wuxian.[38]

Hysterical at his sister's death, Wei Wuxian broke the boy's neck and was chastised for his cruelty. He then took the two halves of the Yin Tiger Tally and placed them together to commence the battle known as the Bloodbath of Nightless City.[38]

In the aftermath, Wei Wuxian staggered away. Fearing for his life, Lan Wangji took him away on Bichen and hid him in a cave in Yiling. He lent him spiritual energy and confessed his feelings, but the traumatized Wei Wuxian told him to "get lost." When they were found, Lan Wangji even fought thirty-three elders of his clan with his sword before being taken away.[39]

Wei Wuxian ultimately remembered none of the events following Nightless City.[39]


Wei Wuxian successfully destroyed half of the Yin Tiger Tally before his death. Jiang Cheng led the First Siege of the Burial Mounds[40] that resulted in the slaughter of the Qishan Wen Clan remnants[41] and Wei Wuxian's death from spiritual backlash.[40]

Resurrection and Second Life

Mo Village

Thirteen years after his death, Mo Xuanyu's use the Sacrificial Ritual to summoned Wei Wuxian's soul back to the world of the living.[42]

Wei Wuxian awoke to Mo Xuanyu's cousin, Mo Ziyuan, beating him for reporting that Mo Ziyuan had stolen his cultivation artifacts. Wei Wuxian was amused at the petty audacity this young man had to beat him, not knowing he was the feared Yiling Patriarch.[42]

After reading Mo Xuanyu's scribbled story, he noted that although his body had four wounds for four people his spirit had been asked to seek revenge on, Mo Xuanyu had not written down the names of his intended victims. This concerned Wei Wuxian, as the price for not fulfilling Mo Xuanyu's revenge would be having his soul torn apart.[42]

Wei Wuxian eventually burst into Mo Manor to humiliate the Mo family before the cultivators who were supposedly visiting. He was surprised to see junior disciples of the Gusu Lan Clan, but, improvising his role as a "lunatic," Wei Wuxian made a scene to embarrass the Mo family. To his dismay, the wounds did not heal, indicating that Mo Xuanyu likely wanted the entire family exterminated.[43]

As he wandered outside Mo Manor, Wei Wuxian realized that the juniors were using using an array of Spirit-Attraction Flags, his own invention. He promptly stole one from Lan Jingyi to ensure it was written correctly. Lan Sizhui intervened when Lan Jingyi began threatening Wei Wuxian.[43]

That night, however, Wei Wuxian was dragged out of his hut and accused of murdering Mo Ziyuan, whose body had been found in the courtyard. As the Gusu Lan Clan juniors defended him, noting that the work was of an evil spirit, rather than a human. In fact, a Spirit-Attraction Flag was found on Mo Ziyuan's body, indicating that his theft of cultivation tools had inadvertently caused his own death.[44]

Wei Wuxian noted that one of his cuts had healed, as the curse deemed the death by Wei Wuxian's invention as his cause, but three remained. However, the husband of Madam Mo soon died. Realizing they were facing an extremely vicious opponent, Wei Wuxian elected to stay even as Lan Sizhui sent off a signal flare for help, even though he feared his identity would be discovered.[44]

Mo Ziyuan's frequent accomplice A-Tong then strangled himself with his left hand, providing an insight into the nature of the spirit. Wei Wuxian noted that he was not left-handed, and that the Demonic Left Arm was possessing him.[44]

Only one cut should have remained, but it, too, vanished. Wei Wuxian realized that Madam Mo must already be dead as well, and soon enough, she too was revealed to be possessed. Wei Wuxian then whispered "wake up" to Mo Ziyuan, his father, and A-Tong, using the three fresh corpses to attack the Demonic Left Arm.[45]

To his surprise, the three fresh corpses were still no match for the arm, but just then, Lan Wangji arrived at the estate to subdue the arm. Afraid of being seen by someone, Wei Wuxian promptly fled the village.[45]

Dafan Mountain

Wei Wuxian stole a donkey from the village, a stubborn mount he later named Lil'Apple due to its love for the apple. As he traveled, he encountered lower-level cultivators, including the kind Round-Faced Girl, on their way to Dafan Mountain to hunt a soul-stealing entity.[46]

Passing by the village of Buddha's Feet, he encountered A-Yan, the only villager to have her soul-returned, before investigating further.[46] His search led him to discover several cultivators, including the round-faced girl, held in Deity-Binding Nets by a Lanling Jin Clan junior who refused to free them.[47]

The junior then recognized him, leading Wei Wuxian to discern that the licentious Jin Guangshan was likely Mo Xuanyu's father. He mocked the boy for his arrogance, asking if his mother never taught him manners, and was surprised when the boy reacted with rage. Wei Wuxian used Demonic Cultivation to summon a ghost to weigh the boy down so that he could free the trapped cultivators.[47]

His own escape was interrupted by Jiang Cheng's arrival, revealing that the boy was none other than Jin Ling. Jiang Cheng commanded his nephew to kill "Mo Xuanyu," as he earnestly hated Demonic Cultivators. Before Jin Ling could strike, however, Lan Wangji intervened, followed closely by the Gusu Lan Clan juniors.[47]

Lan Wangji reprimanded Jiang Cheng and Jin Ling for their outrageous use of deity-binding nets and, with him standing between Jiang Cheng and "Mo Xuanyu," Jiang Cheng eventually retreated with Jin Ling. Lan Wangji nodded towards Mo Xuanyu in thanks for his help in Mo Village before leaving with the rest of the junior disciples.[48]

Wei Wuxian then slapped himself for his remarks to Jin Ling, as he blamed himself for the death of Jiang Yanli and Jin Zixuan.[48]

After speaking with a ghost, Wei Wuxian realized the truth behind the soul-stealing events on Dafan Mountain. The Round-Faced Girl gave him directions to the cave of the Goddess Statue, and as he rushed towards the location, Wei Wuxian encountered Lan Sizhui and Lan Jingyi. He explained why their use of his Compass of Evil failed to work, and helped the two realize that the Goddess Statue had received enough prayers to become a goddess. In exchange for granting a wish, she stole a soul.[49]

As Jin Ling attempted to fight the pursuing Goddess Statue, Wei Wuxian became desperate to save the nephew he had never met in his first life. He quickly made a makeshift bamboo flute and attempted to summon the most powerful demonic creature within reach.[49]

To his astonishment, that creature happened to be Wen Ning, despite his supposed burning thirteen years ago. Wen Ning defeated the Goddess Statue, and Wei Wuxian quickly realized he is no longer conscious. He attempted to lead him away and calm him down by playing Wangxian, inadvertently revealing away his true identity to Lan Wangji.[50]

When Jiang Cheng arrived and quickly surmised Wei Wuxian's identity, Wei Wuxian attempted to flee, only to be struck by Zidian in a futile attempt to expel his soul. He continued his charade as the lunatic Mo Xuanyu, complaining against Jiang Cheng's use of power, even asking if Jiang Cheng wished to take him back to Lotus Pier for sexual purposes, before adding that Lan Wangji was more his type.[50]

Although Wei Wuxian's goal was to disgust both men into leaving him alone, Lan Wangji suddenly declared his intent to take "Mo Xuanyu" back to the Cloud Recesses with him.[50]

Return to the Cloud Recesses

Upon their arrival at the Cloud Recesses, Wei Wuxian began to cause a scene to avoid entering. Lan Wangji then placed a Silence Spell upon him while he spoke with Lan Xichen. His brother, however, released the spell before departing to plan the upcoming Discussion Conference with Jin Guangyao.[51]

Although Wei Wuxian cried and refused to enter, Lan Wangji told Lan Sizhui and Lan Jingyi to drag him inside once he finished crying. To the everyone's surprise, Lan Wangji requested that Wei Wuxian be taken into his personal quarters, the Jingshi.[51]

Left alone inside the Jingshi, Wei Wuxian was astonished to uncover casks of Emperor's Smile kept by Lan Wangji. He helped himself a cask before refilling it with water.[51]

He then attempted to sneak away. Aware that he would need a Jade Token to escape without activating an alarm, Wei Wuxian attempted to poach a token from a man bathing in the the cold springs. He became distracted, however, when he noticed dozens of scars from the Discipline Whip across the man's back, and a Wen Clan brand on the man's chest, just as Wei Wuxian had once borne in his first life.[51]

To his astonishment, the man was Lan Wangji, and he promptly returned Wei Wuxian to the Jingshi.[52]

That night, Wei Wuxian attempting to steal Lan Wangji's jade token while he slept, aware that he kept it on his person. However, after he was again caught, Wei Wuxian refused to move from his position lying atop Lan Wangji. Lan Wangji then placed a body-binding spell on Wei Wuxian, preventing him from moving for the entire night.[52]

Wei Wuxian awoke late the next morning to Lan Sizhui and Lan Jingyi's knocking at the door to the Jingshi. After flabbergasting them with his claim that Lan Wangji had done him all night, the two juniors informed him that Lil'Apple was causing a ruckus.[53]

Wei Wuxian went to calm Lil'Apple, and was amused to discover that Lan Wangji kept many rabbits around the Cloud Recesses. However, an alarm soon rang out, and a disciple managed to tell the three that a ritual had gone wrong before collapsing.[53]

Leaving the disciple in Lan Sizhui and Lan Jingyi's care, Wei Wuxian raced to the scene, where the Gusu Lan Clan elders, including Lan Qiren, had attempted to perform Evocation upon the Demonic Left Arm. However, the resentful energy summoned was so powerful that the elders were severely injured. Lan Wangji was the only cultivator left standing, and with the help of Wei Wuxian's bamboo flute, their duet of Rest managed to pacify the Demonic Left Arm.[53]

Noticing that the arm pointed Northwest, Lan Wangji told Lan Sizhui and Lan Jingyi to watch over Lan Qiren while he and Wei Wuxian searched for more dismembered body parts.[53]

Stone Castles

Wei Wuxian's many attempts to escape along the way to Qinghe were met with failure. Eventually, the two arrived near Xinglu Ridge, and Wei Wuxian promptly became distracted by a charlatan posing as a cultivator. He was appalled to see that the man sold Evil-Suppressing Portraits of the Yiling Patriarch, depicting Wei Wuxian as a grotesque, hideous man.[54]

As Wei Wuxian attempted to argue with the charlatan, Jin Ling suddenly appeared and kicked the man. Announcing that he despised anyone who mentioned the name of the man who had killed his parents, Wei Wuxian became concerned for his nephew's arrogance, and decided to "do some tinkering."[54]

Jin Ling, still annoyed after the incident at Dafan Mountain, then summoned his dog Fairy. In terror, Wei Wuxian fled shouting for Lan Wangji to save him, and fortunately, Lan Wangji did.[54]

Wei Wuxian and Lan Wangji were directed to the "man-eating castles" at Xinglu Ridge as a possible place to locate another piece of the Demonic Left Arm's body. They then encountered the Stone Castles. Wei Wuxian became terrified when a dog began barking, but his fear became concern when Lan Wangji noted that the dog was Jin Ling's.[55]

Lan Wangji played Inquiry to speak with a nearby spirit, revealed to be Jin Ling, which enabled him and Wei Wuxian to rescue Jin Ling moments from death, as he had been absorbed into the walls of the Stone Castles.[56]

Just then, someone fled the Stone Castles, and Lan Wangji promptly went after them. Wei Wuxian returned Jin Ling to the city near Xinglu Ridge, but noted that he had a Curse Mark from his ordeal.[57]

Jiang Cheng then captured Wei Wuxian and used Fairy to intimidate him. He dragged his former brother back to his quarters, where he interrogated him, and Wei Wuxian acknowledged his true identity.[3]

They were interrupted by Jin Ling, who claimed to have seen Wen Ning. As Jiang Cheng left to give chase, Jin Ling revealed that he had lied and, as he believed that Wei Wuxian was his "uncle Mo Xuanyu", declared his intent to save Wei Wuxian in thanks for saving him from the Stone Castles.[3]

Wei Wuxian apologized for his words to him on Dafan Mountain, and added that there were two phrases everyone had to say: "Thank you" and "I'm sorry." He then knocked Jin Ling unconscious to transfer the curse mark from his nephew to himself.[3]

Lan Wangji was displeased to find him with the curse mark on himself, and finally called him by the name "Wei Ying." Acknowledging his identity, Wei Wuxian asked how he knew, and Lan Wangji told him to think of the answer himself.[58]

Given his curse mark, Lan Wangji insisted on carrying him to meet the person who had fled the Stone Castles.[58] The person was none other than Nie Huaisang who was currently now the Qinghe Nie Clan leader, who quickly explained the purpose of the castles as the Qinghe Nie Clan's ancestral hall.[59]

The next day, Wei Wuxian and Lan Wangji noted how strongly the Demonic Left Arm reacted to the curse mark on his leg. They returned to find Nie Huaisang rebuilding the Stone Castle that Jin Ling had disrupted. Wei Wuxian concluded that Jin Ling must have been in the vicinity of the Demonic Left Arm's leg to receive a curse mark on the leg, and Lan Wangji cut off the pants of all the corpses buried in the walls to find the legs of the mysterious victim.[60]

Graveyard of the Yueyang Chang Clan

Following the Demonic Left Arm's lead, they arrived in Yueyang. Wei Wuxian suggested a tavern as the perfect place to glean information, and their waiter eagerly informed them of the story involving the massacre of the Yueyang Chang Clan,[61] and the survivor Chang Ping's subsequent murder a few years later.[62]

Wei Wuxian was appalled when "Wei Wuqian" (aka "without money") was identified as the killer. After the waiter left, Lan Wangji explained the truth that the Lanling Jin Clan's guest disciple Xue Yang had reconstructed the Yin Tiger Tally and used it to wipe out the Yueyang Chang Clan for revenge.[62] He also learned that Xiao Xingchen, his shishu, who had given up his eyes to restore the sight of his best friend Song Lan.[63]

Dusk fell, and the the coffins in the Yueyang Chang Clan's cemetery began to bang again. Wei Wuxian and Lan Wangji left the tavern to investigate, and encountered the Gravedigger for the first time. Wei Wuxian was alarmed to note how familiar the Gravedigger seemed to be with Lan Wangji's moves, although the mysterious man eventually escaped with the aid of a Transportation Talisman.[63]

The grave had held the torso of their victim. After placing it in another Qiankun bag, Wei Wuxian asked Lan Wangji to drink with him. He was surprised when Lan Wangji agreed, and further surprised when Lan Wangji fell asleep after one drink.[63]

Taking advantage of the situation, Wei Wuxian left the inn to summon Wen Ning. He quickly surmised that something had been implanted in his head to disrupt his consciousness, and removed two long needles from his skull. Realizing he needed Bichen for Wen Ning's chains, Wei Wuxian turned around to leave, only to see Lan Wangji standing behind him.[63]

Afraid that Lan Wangji would kill Wen Ning, Wei Wuxian attempted to speak on his friend's behalf. However, he quickly realized that Lan Wangji was drunk when the latter struck and pushed Wen Ning, telling him to "go away" like a child.[64]

Wei Wuxian sent Wen Ning away and guided Lan Wangji back to their room. He questioned Lan Wangji on his opinions of people like Jiang Cheng and Wen Ning, before pointing towards himself. When Lan Wangji replied with "mine," Wei Wuxian assumed he has mistaken pointed to Bichen, and lamented that he finally understood why liquor was prohibited by the Gusu Lan Clan.[64]

When he awakened the next morning, Lan Wangji expressed concern about what he might have done while drunk, though Wei Wuxian attempted to reassure him.[65]

Yi City

The Demonic Left Arm led the two towards the Shudong area, known for heavy fog.[65] They encountered a Paper Mannequin Nether-Brawler lying along the path to Yi City, and overheard mysterious footsteps and a bamboo pole. Before they could investigate further, they encountered the juniors, including Lan Sizhui, Lan Jingyi, Jin Ling, and Ouyang Zizhen, who had also arrived in Yi City.[66]

As the bamboo pole continued knocking, Wei Wuxian attempted to control the seven or eight Fierce Corpses that approached them. To his alarm, they did not respond, just as corpses under the Yin Tiger Tally would not respond.[67] The Gravedigger then made his appearance. Lan Wangji engaged him in battle while Wei Wuxian took the juniors who had contracted Corpse Poisoning to find a cure.[67]

He led them into the shop of a living corpse, where he promptly set the juniors to work to prepare rice congee to cure their corpse poisoning. However, as Wei Wuxian had an extremely spicy palate, the juniors were appalled at the congee he served them.[68]

The ghost of A-Qing then appeared outside a window, and Wei Wuxian seized the opportunity to teach the juniors observational skills. They were interrupted, however, by the arrival of a blindfolded man whom Lan Jingyi identified as Xiao Xingchen from the sword he carried.[69]

A Fierce Corpse soon arrived outside, and Wei Wuxian immediately recognized his resemblance to Wen Ning – a conscious Fierce Corpse. He summoned Wen Ning to capture the corpse, and Lan Sizhui used Inquiry to determine that his identity was Song Lan.[70]

Realizing from Song Lan's answers that the man behind him was not Xiao Xingchen, Wei Wuxian allowed the juniors to leave before Xue Yang exposed his true identity. Xue Yang likewise recognized Wei Wuxian's true identity, and attempted to persuade him to restore a shatter soul. Wei Wuxian, however, did not think it possible with Demonic Cultivation.[70]

As Wen Ning continued to fight Song Lan, Lan Wangji arrived to fight Xue Yang. Wei Wuxian then led the juniors to follow the ghost of A-Qing into a coffin house with the body of Xiao Xingchen. He engaged in Empathy to learn what she knew, and to the puzzlement of the juniors who believed him to be Mo Xuanyu, chose Jin Ling's Clarity Bell as his code.[71]

After learning A-Qing's story, Wei Wuxian left the coffin house to aid Lan Wangji, telling the juniors only that "Xue Yang must die."[72]

Wei Wuxian discovered that Wen Ning had subdued Song Lan, and quickly removed the needles controlling his consciousness. He then joined the fight between Lan Wangji and Xue Yang, and, using his own empathy skills, attempted to distract Xue Yang by insinuating that he regretted killing Xiao Xingchen, and in fact, had only killed Chang Ping to avenge Xiao Xingchen.[73]

A-Qing aided them in the thick fog, using her bamboo pole to indicate Xue Yang's position. When her soul was shattered by a talisman, Wei Wuxian used another spirit-trapping bag to salvage it.[73]

After Xue Yang's arm was severed and the Gravedigger try to stole his dying body away with a Transportation Talisman, but fail. He instead got the Yin Tiger Tally. Wei Wuxian noted that Xue Yang's severed arm still clung to the last piece of candy Xiao Xingchen had given him, even though it had long since turned rotten.[73]

Wei Wuxian led Lan Wangji back to the coffin house to speak with Song Lan. They presented him with the Spirit-Trapping Bags containing A-Qing's and Xiao Xingchen's shattered souls, and Song Lan declared his intent to roam the world nursing their souls back to wholeness.[73]

As they left Yi City, Wei Wuxian informed the juniors of A-Qing's story, and the boys insisted on burning paper money for her. Wei Wuxian also realized that the juniors had been lured to Yi City to die, though he was unsure why.[73]

As they stopped at an inn for the evening, Wei Wuxian again persuaded Lan Wangji to drink with him.[73] Once more, Lan Wangji fell asleep, and the fully-conscious Wen Ning appeared to speak with Wei Wuxian.[74]

Although they had left the inn, they were interrupted by Jin Ling's argument with Lan Sizhui on the subject of Wei Wuxian, as Jin Ling refused to tolerate any remarks that did not fully condemn Wei Wuxian.[74]

The drunk Lan Wangji made his appearance soon after, again pushing Wen Ning. When Wei Wuxian attempted to lead him inside, Lan Wangji tied his forehead ribbon to Wei Wuxian's wrists.[74]

Although Wei Wuxian attempted to lead him to their room discreetly, Lan Wangji held up the forehead ribbon for all the juniors to see. As Wei Wuxian tried to explain the awkward situation as a new use for their forehead ribbons, the juniors were shocked speechless.[75]

Back in their room, Lan Wangji played hide-and-seek with Wei Wuxian, and Wei Wuxian could not resist briefly kissing his lips, an action that startled himself.[75]

Night-Hunt in Tanzhou

Wei Wuxian then accompanied Lan Wangji and the juniors of the Gusu Lan Clan to meet with Lan Xichen at Tanzhou.[12] While Lan Wangji left to discuss all that had occurred with his brother, Wei Wuxian inquired as to the meaning of the Gusu Lan Clan forehead ribbon, and was flabbergasted to learn how sacred it was. Unfortunately, his frenzied thoughts were interrupted by a headless Fierce Corpse – the Demonic Left Arm's body had pieced itself together.[76]

Wei Wuxian managed to keep the juniors still and avoid attracting its attention, and even tossed pebbles to draw the corpse back to himself. Taking advantage of its missing head, he began to shout for Lan Wangji. Fortunately, Lan Wangji and Lan Xichen soon arrived to subdue the corpse.[76]

Wei Wuxian then conferred with Lan Wangji and Lan Xichen, all of whom suspected the corpse to be none other than Nie Mingjue, Lan Xichen's elder sworn brother. After Wei Wuxian acknowledging Jin Guangyao as his main suspect, the three agreed to conduct an investigation at the upcoming Discussion Conference at Koi Tower.[76]

Discussion Conference at Koi Tower

Jin Guangyao personally greeted Lan Xichen, Lan Wangji, and "Mo Xuanyu," though he departed quickly to prepare a room for Lan Wangji and Wei Wuxian. Jiang Cheng also arrived, greeting the man he knew to be his former brother with heavy sarcasm.[77]

At the evening banquet preceding the conference, Wei Wuxian noticed many cultivators of the Lanling Jin Clan watching him with suspicion. Nervous, he requested that Lan Wangji stay close to him, but eventually, his curiosity propelled him to seek out Jin Ling to explain. Wei Wuxian then discovered Jin Ling facing off against several bullies, including Jin Chan. Although he bonded with Jin Ling while demonstrating how to beat the boys in a fight, he was appalled to learn that Mo Xuanyu had been expelled from Koi Tower after sexually harassing his own brother, Jin Guangyao.[77]

Back in their room, Lan Wangji supervised Wei Wuxian as he affixed his soul to a piece of paper to spy on Jin Guangyao. Wei Wuxian observed a disturbing argument between Jin Guangyao and his wife Qin Su, which culminated in Jin Guangyao taking her inside their secret treasure room.[77]

Wei Wuxian's paperman then encountered the head of Nie Mingjue, set behind heavy seals, alongside a land deed for Yunping City. Nie Mingjue's resentful energy forced his paperman into Empathy, where Wei Wexian observed Nie Mingjue's perspective on his relationship with Jin Guangyao.[78]

Lan Wangji's call eventually freed him from Empathy with not much time to spare in his paper body. As he escaped, he discovered that Jin Guangyao had been waiting, and Wei Wuxian narrowly dodged Hensheng to return to his physical body.[78]

Lan Wangji and Wei Wuxian rushed towards the room, though Jin Ling barred the way. Eventually, however, Lan Xichen's insistence that Jin Guangyao show them the room won out, revealing treasures such as the Assassin's Dagger and Suibian, but no head. However, despite her calm appearance, Qin Su suddenly committed suicide with the Assassin's Dagger.[78]

When the seemingly grief-stricken Jin Guangyao attempted to attack "Mo Xuanyu," Wei Wuxian used Suibian to defend himself. Unfortunately, as Suibian had sealed itself after Wei Wuxian's death, his use of the sword accidentally exposed himself as the Yiling Patriarch.[78]

Wei Wuxian then attempted to flee, but the horrified and distraught Jin Ling stabbed him in his abdomen. Lan Wangji promptly took Wei Wuxian away on Bichen to heal him in Cloud Recesses.[78][79]

Hiding at the Cloud Recesses

Wei Wuxian awoke four days later to discover that Lan Wangji and Lan Xichen had hidden him in Lan Xichen's own quarters, the Hanshi. Although Lan Wangji advocated for Wei Wuxian's trustworthiness to Lan Xichen, Wei Wuxian understood that Lan Xichen was reluctant to trust the Yiling Patriarch over his sworn brother.[79]

On a hunch, Wei Wuxian played the song he had heard Jin Guangyao play for Nie Mingjue in Empathy. Lan Xichen was alarmed to realize that a portion of the music was not Cleansing, the song he had personally taught Jin Guangyao. The three investigated the Room of Forbidden Books to identify the music, and[79] Lan Wangji happened to find missing pages from Collection of Turmoil, adding to the growing evidence that Jin Guangyao had hastened Nie Mingjue's qi deviation.[80]

Distressed, Lan Xichen took Wei Wuxian to Madam Lan's cabin, and, fearing that Lan Wangji would never tell Wei Wuxian himself, explained the harsh circumstances he and Lan Wangji had been raised in. When Lan Wangji approached with Emperor's Smile for Wei Wuxian, Lan Xichen even permitted the drinking.[80]

Jin Guangyao visited the next day, and Lan Xichen allowed Lan Wangji and Wei Wuxian to observe their conversation. After Jin Guangyao explained that corpses had begun heading for the Yiling Burial Mounds and suggested a second siege, Lan Wangji and Wei Wuxian agreed to investigate the Burial Mounds while Lan Xichen accompanied Jin Guangyao to Koi Tower.[81]

Second Siege of the Burial Mounds

Along their way to the Burial Mounds, Wei Wuxian began to suspect that the song he had played for Wen Ning at Dafan Mountain was the same song Lan Wangji had sung for him in the cave of the Tortoise of Slaughter, and the means by which Lan Wangji had recognized him.[2] While hiding in a young couple's barn, the two reunited with Wen Ning, who used his roar to allow Wei Wuxian and Lan Wangji to escape.[82]

Approaching the Burial Mounds, Wei Wuxian attempted to control one of the Fierce Corpses he saw. When he could not, his suspicions that the Yin Tiger Tally was behind the recent events were confirmed. Together, he, Lan Wangji, and Wen Ning made their way up the mountain to the Demon-Slaughtering Cave, where they discovered about a hundred juniors held captive, including Lan Sizhui, Lan Jingyi, Jin Ling, Jin Chan, and Ouyang Zizhen.[83]

After freeing the juniors, Lan Sizhui expressed relief, and Jingyi expressed fear that Jin Ling would attack Wei Wuxian again, demonstrating that they did not fear his true identity as the Yiling Patriarch. However, just then, the adults of many clans arrived for the siege, including Jiang Cheng and Lan Qiren.[83]

Although the juniors defended him, Wei Wuxian was confronted for his past by his victims, including Yi Weichun and Fang Mengchen, and by those who proclaimed their desire to oppose him for justice – Clan Leader Yao the most prominent among them.[83]

Although Wei Wuxian maintained his innocence in the current situation and argued that Jin Guangyao was the culprit, not many believed him. Their argument, however, was interrupted by the arrival of the first wave of Fierce Corpses. Outnumbered, the cultivators were pressed back against the Demon-Slaughtering Cave, when suddenly all of the adults began to lose their spiritual powers. The juniors and Nie Huaisang were able to convince the adults to retreat into the cave, and Lan Qiren helped repair an old array written on the floor of the cave.[84]

As Wei Wuxian began to speculate on the cause of their temporary loss of powers, he was met with angry mockery from Su She, leader of the Moling Su Clan. However, Lan Wangji quickly placed Su She under the Gusu Lan Clan's Silence Spell for his remarks.[84]

Wei Wuxian's suspicions settled on Su She, and after consulting with Lan Sizhui and Lan Jingyi, and a begrudging Lan Qiren, he surmised that Su She had used a similar method to seal his peers' powers to Jin Guangyao's murder of Nie Mingjue: music. Ultimately, Lan Wangji tricked Su She into exposing that his sword Nanping still glowed with spiritual power.[85]

Escaping with a Transportation Talisman and thereby revealing himself as the mysterious Gravedigger, Su She disrupted the array Lan Qiren had repaired. Fierce Corpses began to enter the cave, with only Wei Wuxian, Lan Wangji, Wen Ning, and the juniors to defend everyone present.[86]

Eventually, the adults joined in to use their sharp swords despite their lack of spiritual power, but when another wave of Fierce Corpses approached, Wei Wuxian elected to draw a Spirit-Attraction Flag on his own body to allow the others to escape, with only Lan Wangji and Wen Ning to protect him.[86]

The juniors, however, refused to flee, especially Lan Sizhui. Suddenly, bloody corpses emerged from the Blood Pool – the remains of Granny Wen, Uncle Four, and the fifty or so remnants of the Qishan Wen Clan who had been slaughtered in the First Siege of the Burial Mounds.[41]

Recognizing that Wen Ning, Wei Wuxian, and Lan Sizhui were in danger, the corpses fiercely annihilated the remaining onslaught of Fierce Corpses. Overcome with emotion, Wei Wuxian managed to thank them and give them a heavy salute. The corpses then faded into red ash that Wen Ning quickly collected.[41]

Return to Lotus Pier

The cultivators decided to rest at the nearby Lotus Pier to recover their spiritual powers. Concerned about their next move given Jin Guangyao's evident guilt, Wei Wuxian and Lan Wangji decided to accompany them, and to Wei Wuxian's surprise, Jiang Cheng scoffed but did not forbid him.[87]

As they traveled by boat, Wei Wuxian became alarmed by Jin Ling's sudden outburst upon Lan Sizhui's developing friendship with Wen Ning. When Wei Wuxian insisted that Jin Ling put down his sword, Jin Ling burst into tears, leading Wei Wuxian to realize that Suihua was the only thing Jin Ling had left of his father Jin Zixuan.[88]

Upon arrival at Lotus Pier, the group was met by Sisi and Bicao.[89]After listening to both stories, Wei Wuxian expressed concern that Jin Guangyao was being set up, as his kinder actions seemed inexplicable. Although Wei Wuxian seemed to believe Sisi's motives, he also expressed suspicion that Bicao had been paid to speak out, given the expensive bracelet she wore. Lan Wangji supported Wei Wuxian's suspicion, but the two were drowned out by Clan Leader Yao.[89]

As everyone suddenly believed the worst rumors about Jin Guangyao, Wei Wuxian realized that Jin Guangyao had been given his former position as "enemy of the entire cultivation world." He and Lan Wangji then departed the meeting.[89]

Wei Wuxian showed Lan Wangji around his childhood home, and even climbed the same tree he had once fallen from as a child. On instinct, he fell a second time, and this time, Lan Wangji caught him. The two then shared an embrace.[90]

Wei Wuxian subsequently took Lan Wangji to the ancestral hall. They lit incense and bowed twice to Jiang Fengmian and Yu Ziyuan, and Wei Wuxian even prayed for the chance to perform a third bow to Lan Wangji. They were interrupted by the arrival of Jiang Cheng, who angrily reminded Wei Wuxian that his attempt to save Lan Wangji in the cave of the Tortoise of Slaughter was precisely why he lost his parents.[90]

As Wei Wuxian and Lan Wangji attempted to leave, Jiang Cheng accused them of having romantic intentions towards each other, an accusation that stunned and infuriated Wei Wuxian. He demanded Jiang Cheng to apologize to Lan Wangji, and threw a talisman towards him. After a few moments, however, Wei Wuxian realized how inappropriate it was to fight Jiang Cheng in front of his family's ancestral hall, and began bleeding from his qiqiao.[91]

Lan Wangji again attempted to leave with Wei Wuxian, but Jiang Cheng tried to continue their fight. Just as Wei Wuxian fell unconscious, Wen Ning emerged to step between Wei Wuxian and Jiang Cheng.[91]

Unbeknownst to Wei Wuxian, Wen Ning informed Jiang Cheng of the truth behind his restored Golden Core before departing Lotus Pier with Lan Wangji and the still-unconscious Wei Wuxian.[23]

Yunping City

Recalling the land deed he had seen besides Nie Mingjue's head, Wei Wuxian suggested traveling to the nearby Yunping City.[92] While Wen Ning went to hide due to the crowds, Wei Wuxian and Lan Wangji discovered that the deed went to a Guanyin Temple. As they investigated, however, they noticed an array to suppress an unknown spirit surrounding the temple.[93]

That night, Lan Wangji and Wei Wuxian stayed in an inn, and Wei Wuxian again convinced Lan Wangji to drink with him in an attempt to learn Lan Wangji's real feelings.[94] Their resulting adventure including Lan Wangji stealing chickens and picking jujubes,[95] and graffitiing the city walls with their names.[96]

Back at the inn, Wei Wuxian suggested that he could bathe Lan Wangji,[96] and, while doing so, suggestively touched him. Lan Wangji responded by kissing him fiercely, before destroying the tub and throwing Wei Wuxian onto the bed. They kissed and used their hands to pleasure each other, and, overcome with satisfaction and peace, Wei Wuxian attempted to confess his feelings.[97]

However, Lan Wangji suddenly shoved Wei Wuxian away and hurriedly dressed. Believing Lan Wangji had only just woken from his drunkenness, Wei Wuxian attempted to tell him not to take it to heart. Lan Wangji repeated his words in horror. The innkeeper then interrupted to investigate a complaint that water was leaking from their floor, and, horrified at his cruel actions, Wei Wuxian requested separate rooms for the rest of the night.[98]

Incident at the Guanyin Temple

Too ashamed to sleep, Wei Wexian slipped out of the inn and found Wen Ning chiseling out Lan Wangji and Wei Wuxian's names from the wall they had graffitied.[99] Wei Wuxian suggested investigating the Guanyin Temple at night, and they quickly realized that, though it appeared dark and silent, there was actually a barrier to mask its true activity.[100]

Climbing the temple wall, Wei Wuxian noticed Lanling Jin Clan disciples and monks bustling about, and Lan Xichen standing in the middle. After telling Wen Ning to fetch Lan Wangji, Wei Wuxian saw none other than Fairy below, and Jin Ling attempting to climb the wall. Afraid that the archers would shoot the intruder, Wei Wuxian sacrificed his bamboo flute to keep Jin Ling safe, and told the boy to run. Unfortunately, both were swiftly captured by Jin Guangyao, though Fairy escaped.[100]

Lan Xichen then explained that his spiritual powers had been sealed, so he could be of no help to them. As Wei Wuxian attempted to inquire as to what Jin Guangyao wanted dug out of the temple, Jin Guangyao and Lan Xichen became alarmed at his declaration that he was acting separately from Lan Wangji.[39]

At Wei Wuxian's resulting confusion, Jin Guangyao remarked how hurtful Lan Wangji's unrequited pining must feel. Lan Xichen was initially furious at Wei Wuxian's obliviousness, but quickly realized that his memory was damaged. Afraid that Lan Wangji would never tell Wei Wuxian, Lan Xichen then revealed how Lan Wangji had saved him after the Bloodbath of Nightless City and received thirty-three strikes of the discipline whip for his actions.[39]

Lan Xichen asked Wei Wuxian why he had constantly teased his brother, if he did not know that Lan Wangji loved him. Wei Wuxian, in turn, realized that it was precisely because he did not know that he dared to tease him. In his frenzy, he let down his guard enough for Jin Guangyao to slip a guqin string around his neck at the moment Lan Wangji arrived.[39]

Jin Guangyao demanded that Lan Wangji seal his spiritual powers, and, despite Wei Wuxian's protests, Lan Wangji quickly obeyed. Unable to wait any longer, Wei Wuxian then shouted to all present:

"Lan Zhan! Lan Wangji! Hanguang-Jun! Back then, I - I really wanted to sleep with you!" [101]

Jin Guangyao dropped the string in shock, and Wei Wuxian flung himself into the stunned Lan Wangji's arms. Jin Guangyao insisted that everyone retreat into the temple due to the impending rain, and Wei Wuxian continued confessing his love to Lan Wangji inside.[101]

Su She then arrived carrying the unconscious Nie Huaisang as another captive, and proceeded to mock Lan Wangji. Lan Xichen and Wei Wuxian intervened to defend him, and Wei Wuxian's remarks even prompted a rare laugh from Lan Wangji.[101]

Suddenly, Jiang Cheng arrival, having trailed his nephew and been alerted by Fairy. While he initially held the upper hand against Jin Guangyao, the latter used his suspicions of the Golden Core issue to distract his opponent. Jiang Cheng was ultimately injured protecting Wei Wuxian from Jin Guangyao's sudden attack.[102]

Wei Wuxian realized with horror that Wen Ning had told Jiang Cheng, and that Lan Wangji must also know. Jiang Cheng, although injured, confronted Wei Wuxian with rage and bitterness before breaking down in tears. In the end, he demanded to know how Wei Wuxian could not tell him, although Wei Wuxian thought to himself that he had kept the secret precisely because he never wanted to see Jiang Cheng react like this.[24]

Jiang Cheng also demanded to know if Wei Wuxian remembered his words that they would be the Twin Heroes of Yunmeng, and Wei Wuxian could only respond that he was sorry to have broken his promise.[24]

Suddenly, screams broke out from the monks and the Lanling Jin Clan disciples who had been digging in the back of the temple. Su She returned with an injured Jin Guangyao, whose arm had been poisoned. When everyone went to investigate, Wei Wuxian noted Jin Guangyao's genuine distress at the empty coffin they had unearthed, and suggested that the poison had been a trap. He warned Jin Guangyao that tonight, he was likely the hunted, not the hunter.[103]

As their two captives treated their injuries, Lan Wangji noticed the backlash marks of the Hundred Holes Curse on Su She's skin. Infuriated, Wei Wuxian asked what he had ever done to Su She, and Su She replied simply that he had not done anything. The curse originally had nothing to do with him, even though he bore the blame.[104]

Recalling Jin Zixun's arrogance and Su She's hatred of anyone he deemed arrogant, Wei Wuxian realized that this was likely true. The cause of his downfall was a coincidence that had not been intended to harm him, a ridiculous fact that he found difficult to accept.[104]

Jin Guangyao then suggested that Wei Wuxian stop pitying himself, remarking

"Even if Su She didn’t curse Jin Zixun, Master Wei, you’d receive a siege sooner or later, because of some other reason... Because that’s what kind of a person you are. At best, you’re the untamed hero; at worst, you offend people wherever you go. Unless all those whom you’ve offended lived their lives safely, as soon as something happened to them or someone did something to them, the first person they suspect would be you and the first person they seek revenge on would also you. And this is something you have no control over."[104]

In response, Wei Wuxian smiled and replied that he made "a lot of sense." But when Jiang Cheng cursed Jin Guangyao as the "son of a prostitute," and Jin Guangyao reminded him of his failure to stand by Wei Wuxian's side, Wei Wuxian replied by pointed out that the phrase "son of a prostitute" was Jin Guangyao's weak spot, and implied those words were precisely why Jin Guangyao had killed Nie Mingjue.[104]

As Jin Guangyao prepared to reseal Lan Xichen's powers before departing, Wei Wuxian used Demonic Cultivation to remove the seal array in the temple. The burning spirits of men and women emerged; while some shrieked at Jin Guangyao, others quickly began engaging in sexual relations before everyone.[104]

Lan Xichen then regained his powers and took Jin Guangyao captive. Wei Wuxian, somewhat embarrassed to have released these ghouls, agreed to send them away, but not before using Empathy to understand their grudge against Jin Guangyao.[104]

In empathy with the spirit of a prostitute named Anxin, Wei Wuxian realized that the temple was built on the same grounds as the brothel in which Jin Guangyao was raised. He witnessed his and his mother's abuse at the hands of customers and, with the exception of Sisi, prostitutes like Anxin.[105]

After confessing to burning the brothel, Jin Guangyao pled tearfully with Lan Xichen to allow his escape. Embarrassed for him, Wei Wuxian asked if they could just fight instead of talking.[105]

Lan Xichen, however, questioned Jin Guangyao on many of his alleged misdeeds, receiving explanations in turn, including that his father had asked him to set up Wei Wuxian's downfall. Wei Wuxian, however, was infuriated that Jin Guangyao had sent Jin Zixuan to Qiongqi path on purpose, although Jin Guangyao maintained he had not expected Wei Wuxian to kill him.[106]

Unfortunately, Jin Ling rushed towards his uncle, and Wei Wuxian was horrified when Jin Guangyao took his nephew captive in an attempt to escape. However, they were interrupted by the arrival of Nie Mingjue's Fierce Corpse, now with its head intact, and Wen Ning, who had battled him to the Guanyin Temple.[106]

Seeing that Jin Guangyao was shaking with terror, Lan Wangji used Bichen to severe his hand to keep Jin Ling from being accidentally beheaded. Wei Wuxian quickly checked him over for injuries, and was relieved to find none.[106]

As Lan Xichen and Lan Wangji attempted to suppress Nie Mingjue's corpse, Jin Ling's shout for Jin Guangyao to run caused Nie Mingjue to mistake Jin Ling for Jin Guangyao. Jiang Cheng thrust his nephew behind him, and Wei Wuxian threw many talismans, but only Wen Ning taking the killing blow for them stopped Nie Mingjue's attack.[107]

Wei Wuxian gained Nie Mingjue's attention by whistling and led him towards the empty coffin. However, just then, Nie Huaisang cried out that his ankle had been cut by Su She, who was attempting to escape with Jin Guangyao.[107]

Nie Mingjue killed Su She before turning to Jin Guangyao. Jiang Cheng then threw Chenqing to Wei Wuxian, revealing that he had kept it this entire time. With Lan Wangji's guqin duetting with Chenqing, Wei Wuxian successfully sealed Nie Mingjue inside the coffin.[108]

When Lan Xichen attempted to treat Jin Guangyao's many wounds, Wei Wuxian suggested using the Silence Spell to keep him from twisting the truth again. Lan Xichen agreed, but when he turned to ask Nie Huaisang for pain medication, Nie Huaisang suddenly shouted for him to look out. Lan Xichen immediately stabbed Jin Guangyao without looking, delivering a mortal wound.[108]

Wei Wuxian, however, felt something was amiss. Jin Guangyao also broke the Silence Spell to insist that he never would have hurt Lan Xichen, and accused Nie Huaisang of tricking him. He then wrenched the sword from his chest and approached the coffin, destroying its seal.[108]

Lan Xichen grabbed him, but Wei Wuxian shouted in alarm. Although Lan Wangji threw Bichen, Nie Mingjue had already burst from the coffin. Jin Guangyao himself pushed Lan Xichen away with leftover strength, before his neck was broken by Nie Mingjue.[108]

Lan Wangji lifted the Guanyin Statue to seal the coffin, and Wei Wuxian hurriedly painted an array to keep Nie Mingjue inside.[109]

In the aftermath, Wei Wuxian began to question Nie Huaisang. He reasoned that, with his low cultivation, Nie Huaisang had likely been unable to find much of his brother's missing body. To expose Jin Guangyao and find his brother's body, Nie Huaisang had then prompted the fearful Mo Xuanyu to sacrifice his body in the Sacrificial Ritual, summoning Wei Wuxian back to the world of the living. Nie Huaisang had then thrown the Demonic Left Arm into Mo Village to attract the Gusu Lan Clan's attention, killed the cats to lure the juniors to Yi City so that their deaths could be pinned on Jin Guangyao, freed Sisi and paid Bicao to approach Lotus Pier with their stories.[109]

However, as he had no proof, Wei Wuxian said none of this aloud. Still, reasoning that the coffin likely held the body of Jin Guangyao's mother, he asked Nie Huaisang what he thought the tamperer would have done with it. When Nie Huaisang replied that they likely destroyed whatever was so precious to Jin Guangyao, Wei Wuxian speculated that they had actually cut up the body into pieces, much like Jin Guangyao had done to Nie Mingjue.[110]

The bark of Fairy sent Wei Wxian into panic, but Lan Wangji held him tightly. Many cultivators, including Lan Qiren, subsequently entered the temple. As several cultivators noted the similarities between the Guanyin statue's face and Jin Guangyao, Clan Leader Yao eagerly asserted that he had intended for people to worship him as a god. Wei Wuxian, however, quietly reflected that the statue was actually the face of Jin Guangyao's mother, not himself.[110]



Taking Lil'Apple with them, Wei Wuxian and Lan Wangji slipped away from the confusion and decided to elope. After telling Lan Wangji what he had witnessed in Empathy with Anxin, Wei Wuxian suggested that he tell his brother later to comfort him with Jin Guangyao's kindness in sparing Sisi. They were interrupted, however, by Lan Sizhui and Wen Ning.[31]

Wei Wuxian was amazed when Lan Sizhui blurted out his identity as Wen Yuan, and Lan Wangji confessed to having rescued him. The three embraced for a while, before Lan Sizhui departed with Wen Ning to journey to Qishan, find something of his sister's, and build a cenotaph for her and the remnants of their family.[31]

Not long after, Wei Wuxian and Lan Wangji made love together on the forest floor for the first time. During their lovemaking, Wei Wuxian also realized that Lan Wangji was the person who had kissed him on Phoenix Mountain.[31]

Three months later, the couple attempted to help villagers who claimed to suffer ghosts from a disturbed graveyard. Deducing that the villagers had robbed the graves themselves and were merely experiencing a backlash without any deaths, Wei Wuxian and Lan Wangji frightened the villagers away.[111]

As they began to kiss, a little girl accidentally happened upon them. They then encountered her parents – Luo Qingyang and her husband, who had also come to help the villagers. After introducing each other and exchanging a brief conversation, they departed. Wei Wuxian, however, began to tease Lan Wangji, realizing that his husband's money purse was actually the perfume satchel Mianmian had originally given him in the cave of the Tortoise of Slaughter.[111]

They stopped at a small town in the Guangling region, where they overheard cultivators gossiping vile and untrue rumors about Jin Guangyao. Wei Wuxian reflected again that Jin Guangyao had taken his place as the pariah of the cultivation society.[112]

After they left, Lan Wangji finally told Wei Wuxian the name of the song by which he had recognized him: Wangxian. They then agreed to return to Gusu together.[112]

The Gusu Lan Clan Family Banquet

After their honeymoon, Lan Qiren begrudgingly agreed to tolerate Wei Wuxian's presence in the Cloud Recesses. Wei Wuxian encountered the Round-Faced Girl feeding Lan Wangji's rabbits, and promptly realized that his husband had taken her in as a guest disciple.[113]

Although Wei Wuxian was permitted to attend the family banquet, he struggled to eat the Gusu Lan Clan's medicinal cuisine. To his surprise, Lan Wangji ate portions for him, despite invoking Lan Qiren's displeasure.[114]The junior disciples declined to speak with him during the banquet, but met him later in secret to confess that Lan Qiren had forbidden them from speaking to Wei Wuxian. They also related that Wen Ning lived nearby, and often assisted them on their night-hunts with Jin Ling.[115]

Lan Wangji then surprised Wei Wuxian with Hunan cuisine, knowing he had not eaten at the banquet.[115] Although he allowed Wei Wuxian to believe he had purchased the food from a restaurant, Wei Wuxian later discovered that Lan Wangji had prepared it himself.[116]

The two continue to live happily in the Jingshi, participating in adventures such as helping the juniors night-hunt,[117] using the Mo Incense Burner to visit each other's erotic dreams,[118][119] and winning a turtle statue to display in Lan Wangji's classroom to commemorate killing the Tortoise of Slaughter together.[116]

Hook Hand Investigation

Upon the Bai Residence's request for help, Jin Ling invited Lan Sizhui, Lan Jingyi, and several other juniors to investigate the White Room with him. To his surprise, Wei Wuxian also came; it was their first meeting since the Guanyin Temple. During their adventure, Wei Wuxian commanded Jin Ling's growing maturity and even referred to him by the familiar "A-Ling."[120]

After examining the body of the thief and the White Room, Wei Wuxian and Jin Ling heard the story of the Hook Hand from a maid in a tea shop. While re-examining the body, they discovered a face reflected in the eyes of the thief that was not his own, indicating that he had died after witnessing the ghost's memories.[120]

At Wei Wuxian's direction, the juniors then investigated the grounds around the Bai Residence, and Lan Sizhui discovered a rusted, bleeding iron hook. When the juniors' talismans failed to suppress its resentful energy, Lan Jingyi attempted to remove the energy with salt. When even that failed, Lan Sizhui melted the hook in the hearth.[120]

Wei Wuxian insisted that someone should stay outside the White Room to ensure that the ghost was truly gone. Jin Ling stayed, using a mirror to safely observe any spirit through the paper windows. To his dismay, he too witnessed the Hook Hand's final murder.[121]

Wei Wuxian forced Lan Jingyi to be the front observer the next night, although he and the juniors remained close by. The light inside the room turned scarlet red, reflecting that the ghost had blood in his eyes when he had died. They watched the Hook Hand torture what appeared to be a woman. However, when the Hook Hand attempted to remove her tongue, the victim revealed himself as a man and stabbed the Hook Hand, who died of blood loss as he smothered the victim.[121]

The juniors searched for five days before finding the tongue of the victim in a grave, which had turned black with resentful energy. They performed an exorcism and burnt it, expecting peace would be restored to the Bai Residence.[121]

However, after two nights of peace, the Bai Residence was awoken on the third night by the sound of someone screaming. The ghost screamed for several days, to Jin Ling's alarm and frustration.[121]

Wei Wuxian then explained that the ghost had long suppressed his screams to defeat the Hook Hand, and only with his tongue could he finally release all the pain and terror he had kept inside. After a couple of months, the ghost departed the world and left the Bai Residence in peace.[121]

Incident at Young Master Qin's Residence

Realizing that the juniors were too dependent on his assistance with night-hunts, Wei Wuxian and Lan Wangji took Lan Sizhui alone to night-hunt with them alone. By chance, they encountered Young Master Qin, who was troubled by a Fierce Corpse with a crippled leg who visited his household at night.[122]

Although Young Master Qin entreated their assistance, Wei Wuxian sensed that he lied to them, and he lied in return. Wei Wuxian told Young Master Qin the hopping fierce corpse could not breach his threshold, and thus he had no need of swords or talismans. Thus, the three cultivators went to rest in the small, elegant Bamboo Cottage nearby, as it was owned by the Gusu Lan Clan.[122]

Young Master Qin returned to Wei Wuxian, Lan Wangji, and Lan Sizhui the next day, after discovering that, despite its crippled leg, the corpse could, in fact, leap into the air and enter his courtyard. He admitted that he did know the corpse after all:[122] The crippled fierce corpse was a former servant of his grandmother's, who had even been allowed to attend schooling with Young Master Qin and his classmates. When the servant stubbornly refused to believe he was wrong on a matter, Young Master Qin and his classmates chased him away. The servant had died two years previously, after suffering a fall while drunk.[123]

When the corpse reappeared that night, Master Qin again approached the Gusu Lan Clan cultivators and confessed to having given the servant a jade pendant of his grandmother's, then beating him when he lost it. Discerning that the entire truth was still withheld, Wei Wuxian gave Lan Sizhui a talisman bearing nothing but a random scribble to present to Master Qin.[123]

Wei Wuxian inquired if the beating was responsible for his broken leg, and Young Master Qin amended his story to clarify that he had sent his servants to beat the servant. Thus, he did not know about the leg, and was not responsible.[124]

Wei Wuxian then insisted that Lan Sizhui had to guard the doors that night, as he was the only virgin with considerable yang energy around. When Young Master Qin requested that Lan Wangji guard the door instead, presuming him to be a virgin, Wei Wuxian burst into laughter. The need for a virgin, however, was a lie Wei Wuxian had made up for Young Master Qin, though he did inquire if Lan Sizhui was one.[124]

That night, Lan Sizhui battled the corpse, leading Lan Wangji and Wei Wuxian to realize that he was mixing the techniques of the Gusu Lan Clan, the Yunmeng Jiang Clan, and the Qishan Wen Clan. When Wei Wuxian asked why the fight was taking so long, Lan Sizhui claimed that the corpse kept evading him, as if it did not want to harm him. Wei Wuxian then kicked open the door and allowed it to approach Young Master Qin.[124]

In the corpse's hand was the jade pendant the servant had lost. After tying it around Young Master Qin's neck, the servant's corpse departed at last.[124]

Animation Divergence

Due to censorship, the animation softened the gruesome nature of Wen Chao and Wang Lingjiao's deaths at Wei Wuxian's hands.[125] In addition, Lan Wangji did not kiss Wei Wuxian during the night-hunt at Phoenix Mountain; instead they battled a mutated Measuring Snake together.[126] Moreover, the bloodbath of Nightless City began when the captured Wen Ning lost control after a mysterious light emerged, rather than Wei Wuxian killing the archer as in the Novel.[127]

After Wei Wuxian's resurrection, his search alongside Lan Wangji for Nie Mingjue's body parts began not with the Stone Castles, but when they encountered evidence of Xue Yang's experimentations with the Yin Tiger Tally after being alerted by a nearby Lookout Tower.[128] This led to another confrontation with the suspicious Jiang Cheng before their meeting in Qinghe,[129] and a meeting with Jin Guangyao and Lan Xichen, in which Jin Guangyao advised "Mo Xuanyu" to learn from Lan Wangji.[130]

Web Series Divergence

In the Web Series, the Qishan Wen Clan invented Demonic Cultivation;[131] Wei Wuxian merely became exceptionally proficient in it.[132] The Fierce Corpses, likewise, were not truly dead but more of a soulless state called "puppetry."[131]

Wei Wuxian met Wen Ning and Wen Qing while studying at the Cloud Recesses, rather than an archery competition and as a fugitive, respectively.[133] Wei Wuxian also encountered Xiao Xingchen and Song Lan while both were alive, and expressed interest in the fact that Xiao Xingchen was from the same sect as his mother.[134]

In comparison to the Novel, Wei Wuxian's relationship with Lan Wangji became significantly deeper during their youth, from the time both promised Lan Yi that they would work to seal all pieces of Yin Metal.[135] Rather than leave the Cloud Recesses early, Wei Wuxian ran off to accompany Lan Wangji on his journey to investigate the whereabouts of the Yin Metal fragments. Their resulting journey quickly brought them into contact with the Goddess Statue,[136] Nie Mingjue,[137] and Xue Yang.[134]

During the Sunshot Campaign's battle at Nightless City, Wei Wuxian was strangled by Wen Ruohan following his use of the Yin Tiger Tally. Jin Guangyao killed Wen Ruohan to save Wei Wuxian, instead of Nie Mingjue.[132]

Overall, many of Wei Wuxian's darker actions in the novel were attributed to other characters in the Web Series. At the Bloodbath of Nightless City, Wei Wuxian fought because he knew the Qishan Wen Clan remnants had already been killed, and, once he attempted to stop the fight, a second flute player commenced the bloodbath.[138] Ultimately, Wei Wuxian discovered that Su She and Jin Guangyao were responsible for this, as well as the deaths of Jin Zixuan and Jin Zixun.[139]

Wei Wuxian's death occurred at the Bloodbath of Nightless City, rather than in the First Siege of the Burial Mounds. He attempted to throw himself off a cliff, only to be caught by Lan Wangji. When Jiang Cheng approached and failed to stab his brother, Wei Wuxian seized the chance to fall.[140][141]

Smaller changes included that Wei Wuxian's resurrection into Mo Xuanyu's body was sixteen years later, as opposed to thirteen. Additionally, the ritual transformed Mo Xuanyu's features to resemble Wei Wuxian's, prompting him to require a mask.[142]


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