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The Wall of Discipline (规训石壁, Guī Xùn Shí Bì) is a rock wall inscribed with Gusu Lan Clan's four-thousand rules.


The Wall of Discipline is located just outside the entrance to the Cloud Recesses. The rules are written in seal script, rendering them difficult to read.[1]

Known Rules

  • Alcohol is prohibited.
  • Talking behind other people's back is prohibited.
  • Running is prohibited.
  • Killing livestock within the area is prohibited.
  • Fighting without permission is prohibited.
  • Promiscuity is prohibited.
  • Disturbing female cultivators is prohibited (seventh rule).
  • Venturing out at night is prohibited.
  • Causing noise is prohibited.
  • Sneering for no reason is prohibited.
  • Sitting improperly is prohibited.
  • Eating more than three bowls is prohibited.
  • Arrogance is forbidden.
  • Do not be picky with food.
  • Do not work after 9 PM.
  • Do not rise after 5AM.
  • Do not stand incorrectly.
  • Do not smile foolishly.
  • Do not be of two minds.
  • Do not succumb to rage.
  • Do not be miserly.
  • Do not steal.
  • Do not tell lies.
  • Do not use frivolous words.
  • Do not flatter.
  • Do not fear the strong.
  • Do not bully the weak.
  • Do not indulge in debauchery.
  • Do not be greedy.
  • Do not disrespect the elder.
  • Do not disrespect the younger.
  • Do not be haughty and complacent.
  • Do not praise yourself and slander others.
  • Do not say one thing and mean another.
  • Do not take advantage of your position to oppress others.
  • Do not mix public and private interests.
  • Do not break faith.
  • Do not make assumptions about others.
  • Do not take a life within the premises.
  • Do not exult in excess.
  • Do not grieve in excess.
  • Do not form a clique and exclude others.
  • Do not be promiscuous.
  • Do not insult people.
  • Do not laugh for no reason.
  • Do not build wealth by using others, for this wealth will not last.
  • Do not wallow in luxury and pleasure.
  • Do not argue with your family, for it does not matter who wins.
  • Speak meagerly, for too many words only bring harm.
  • Be a filial child.
  • Organize work properly.
  • Diligence is the root.
  • Morality is the priority.
  • Harmony is the value.
  • Learning comes first.
  • Do not take your own words lightly.
  • Do not act impulsively.
  • Do not give up on learning.
  • Make sure to act virtuously.
  • Do not forget the grace of the forefathers.
  • Be careful with your words.
  • Be respectful and humble.
  • Be loyal and filial.
  • Be amicable and unedited.
  • Be of one mind.
  • Train your body and your mind.
  • Stop the bad habits.
  • Be strict with yourself.
  • Be easy on others.
  • Do not hold grudges.
  • Love and respect yourself.
  • Maintain your own discipline.
  • If others win over you, do not envy them.
  • If others lose to you, do not look down on them.
  • Do not be wasteful.
  • Do not create damages.
  • Love all beings.
  • Honor good people.
  • Steer away from bad men.
  • Respect the filial ones.
  • Destroy the five poisons.
  • Nurture aspirations.
  • Uphold the value of justice.
  • Shoulder the weight of morality.
  • Embrace the entirety of the world.
  • Perform acts of chivalry.
  • Have courage and knowledge.
  • Have courtesy and integrity.
  • Have affection and gratefulness.
  • Have wins and losses.
  • Be fair, and others will follow.
  • Be trustworthy, and others will believe you.
  • Be mighty, and others will die for you.
  • Take the straight path.
  • Reject the crooked path.
  • Earn trust.
  • Believe sincerely.
  • Have a strong will and anything can be achieved.
  • Win friendships with kindness.
  • See friends as neighbors.
  • Be just.
  • Be generous.
  • Be ethical.
  • Be grateful.
  • Be loyal.
  • Appreciate the good people.
  • Banish demons, establish laws, immortalize Dao.[2]
  • Propriety suggests reciprocity. It is impolite not to reciprocate.[2]
  • No dishonest practices.
  • Do not privately use concealed weapons.
  • Do not accept disciples without careful screenings.
  • Avoid imparting knowledge to the wrong individuals.
  • No concealed sharp weapons.
  • Change clothes after taking a bath.
  • Your forehead headband reminds you of self-restraint.
  • You are not allowed to use other people’s headbands without authorization.
  • You cannot use your headband in any other ways.
  • No adorned beads, chains with bells, or anything that makes a sound.
  • No more than 3 pieces of adornment on your waist.
  • No alterations of clothes without permission.
  • Do not move arbitrarily.[3]
  • Do not covet other’s property.
  • Do not harbor doubts and jealousy.
  • Discipline your own words and behavior.
  • Do not criticize other people.
  • No slandering.
  • No vulgar language.
  • No improper behavior.
  • Do not sow discord among people.
  • Do not fail to carry out your promise.
  • Honor your teacher and respect his teaching.
  • Honor the aged and the wise.
  • Do not sit when the elder is standing, you can sit only when the elder sits down.
  • Respect a knowledgeable man as your teacher, and follow a man with high moral integrity as an example.
  • Concentrate on cultivating.
  • Being frugal is a virtue.
  • Do not lead a luxurious and dissipated life.
  • Do not indulge in a life of pleasure and comfort.
  • Do not attach yourself to those in power and influence.
  • Do not be a follower of the rich and powerful.
  • Follow the righteous way, don’t take crooked ways.
  • Do not associate with evil.
  • Do not fall to evil.
  • Stay on the righteous path.
  • Don’t be unreasonable.
  • Do not treat others with contempt.
  • Do not desire to excel over others.
  • Do not look down on the poor.
  • Do not bully the weak.
  • Be kind, moderate, cautious, virtuous.
  • Be gentle and content in adversity.
  • Store your inner wisdom deeply.
  • Do not show off your skills.
  • Do not lose your life goal.
  • Do not let your studies go to waste.[3]
  • Firstly, one must not kill any living creature within the territory.
  • Second, one must not fight without permission.
  • Third, one must not commit acts of promiscuity.
  • Do not make loud noises.
  • Do not go out at night.
  • Do not walk too fast.
  • Do not bully the weak, or make fun of others.
  • Do not disregard laws and rules.
  • Do not disrespect the elders.
  • Do not skip class. Do not leave class early.
  • Do not laugh without reason.
  • Do not sit with a disgraceful pose.[4]

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While Wei Wuxian is a guest at the Cloud Recesses in his youth, there are only 3000 rules. Guest disciples are expected to familiarize themselves with the rules, which, in addition to the wall, are also compiled into a book of many volumes.[1]

Misbehaving disciples and guests are tasked with copying these rules.[10] Wei Wuxian later reflects that this helped him inadvertently memorize many of the rules.[7]

By the time of Wei Wuxian’s return to the Cloud Recesses thirteen years after his death, Lan Qiren has updated the Wall of Discipline to include over 4000 rules.[5]

Web Series Divergence

When Lan Qiren begins his recitation of the rules, he opens with the following lines:[2]

"Heaven, earth, and nature. All differences are merged in one. The Lan Clan upholds this belief. From the very beginning, the rules are clearly defined:

  • To understand the fundamentals
  • To clarify by queries
  • To strive for strong persuasion
  • To study diligently

At the Qishan Wen Clan's indoctrination, Wei Wuxian recites the Gusu Lan Clan's rules instead of reciting the Quintessence of the Wens, which does not occur in the novel.[4]


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