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The Venerated Triad (三尊) is used in the novel to indicate the triumvirate of Nie Mingjue, Lan Xichen and Jin Guangyao taking the vow of sworn brotherhood in the wake of the Sunshot Campaign. This alliance forms incredible political ramifications for the world of GDC, as the leaders and distinguished persons of three out of the then-four great Cultivational Sects were united in a socially recognisable relationship.

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Brotherhood forged in War

Following the end of the Sunshot Campaign, relations between Nie Mingjue and Jin Guangyao, then known as Meng Yao, stagnated. Out of the need to repair relations between the two, Lan Xichen thus proposed and managed to get the three to swear as brothers.[1]


The vow that Nie Mingjue made included sentences like ‘Face a thousand accusing fingers, be torn from limb to limb’ 'if one were to think otherwise'.[2] Needless to say, the vow of brotherhood did not work as intended, despite providing Jin Guangyao further social leverage to return to the Lanling Jin Sect. As the eldest brother, Nie Mingjue thus had a reason to openly supervise Jin Guangyao for iniquitous behaviour.

Xue Yang Incident

As Xue Yang was sponsored by Jin Guangyao for his entry into the Lanling Jin Sect, Nie Mingjue blamed Jin Guangyao on some level and pressured Jin Guangyao to kill Xue Yang. This included kicking Jin Guangyao down the stairs of Carp Tower and openly calling the other a prostitute's son. [3]

Death of Nie Mingjue

On the orders of Jin Guangshan, Jin Guangyao drove Nie Mingjue towards death by qi deviation, using the Song of Clarity taught to him by Lan Xichen and tampering with the music via editing in a new section of the Collection of Turmoil. Since past leaders of the Qinghe Nie Sect had all died of qi deviation, nobody suspected Jin Guangyao of any wrongdoing.

However, in order to cover up his crime, Jin Guangyao still dismembered Nie Mingjue's corpse and scattered the body across the land.

Guanyin Temple Incident

Lan Xichen stabbed Jin Guangyao with his sword Shuoyue in an ironic twist of fate. Jin Guangyao was then buried in the same coffin as the fierce corpse of Nie Mingjue and the two were sealed with seventy-two nails of peach wood and kept in a secret place around Yiling for a hundred years, never to reincarnate. Lan Xichen then went into seclusion.

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