Shuanghua (霜华, Shuānghuá) was Xiao Xingchen's sword. It was also used by Xue Yang to impersonate Xiao Xingchen.


Shuanghua is a well-known sword of considerable spiritual power with an intricate appearance recognized even by those who have never seen it in person. The scabbard is bronze-colored with patterns of frost carved on it, through which Shuanghua's silver blade can be seen[1].

It has the special ability of detecting and pointing out the direction of corpse energy; however, it is incapable of distinguishing between living and walking corpses, particularly those infected with corpse poisoning.


Although Shuanghua was used to kill Chang Ping and the rest of his clan via lingchi, the one wielding it at the time was Xue Yang, not Xiao Xingchen.

In the conclusion of the Grasses arc, Song Lan takes the sword with him to roam the world night-hunting alongside Xiao Xingchen and A-Qing's souls[2].


  • Shuanghua, as a famous sword, is illustrated in many sword catalogues[1].


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