The Qishan Wen Sect (岐山温氏, Qíshān Wēn Shì) is a cultivational sect based in the Nightless City.


The uniform is white with red hems and sun motifs. High-ranking cultivators wear robes with flames around the sleeves and collar.


The Wen Clan used the sun as their motif, signifying that they could “compete with the sun for radiance, match the sun in longevity”[1]. Its sect residence was quite large, almost comparable to a city. It was named the Nightless Sky, also called the Nightless Celestial City, because it was said that there was no nightfall in the city.


Among the cultivation world, there was a countless number of sects and clans, exceeding even the number of stars in the sky. And, among these, there was a titan which stood above the others without a doubt—the Qishan Wen Sect. -- Chapter 17[2]

The Qishan Wen Sect founder, Wen Mao, was the first cultivator to switch from the school-based system of cultivation to a clan-based system. This was the beginning of the current Cultivational Sect system which is built around extended clan families.

At the height of its power, it could be described as a titan for the fact that no matter in terms of the number of disciples, power, land, or magical tools, there were no other families which could compare to it. A great deal of cultivators took being a foreign disciple to the Wen Sect as a supreme honour. However, the arrogance of its disciples and the growing unhappiness due to its tyranny led to the Sunshot Campaign in which the Qishan Wen Sect was destroyed and members of its clan massacred.


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