Qingheng-jun (青蘅君 Qīnghéng-jūn) was a former leader of the Gusu Lan Sect and the father of Lan Xichen and Lan Wangji.


His appearance is unknown.


He is prone to the Lan clan's unreasonable infatuation, as described by how he met his future wife.

He is also described as having a conflicted personality. Despite loving his wife, he also could not forgive himself for protecting his benefactor's murderer.


Birth name unknown, Qingheng-jun is the second example of the Lan clan's unreasonable infatuation mentioned in the novel. As a young man, Qingheng-jun made his reputation as a famous cultivator. One day, when he returned from a night-hunt, he saw a woman outside of Gusu city and fell passionately in love with her. However, she did not love him back and even killed a teacher of his over some unknown reason. Despite his personal sorrows and the objections of the Lan clan elders, Qingheng-jun still secretly brought the woman back with him, held the marriage ceremony, told everyone in the clan that this would be his one and only wife his whole life, and that whoever wanted to harm her would have to pass through him first.[1]

However, unable to overcome the guilt and hatred in his heart, he imprisoned his wife in a small house surrounded by gentians in Cloud Recesses and then imprisoned himself next to her house, forcing himself not to share a bedroom with her. All of the seniors of the clan were enraged, but they had all watched him grow up and they could not do anything except guard the secret, hint to the outside world that the wife of the GusuLan Sect's sect leader had an unspeakable disease and could not see others.

Having watched his brother drive himself into self-destruction over love, Lan Qiren therefore took guardianship of the Lan brothers, teaching them strictly in an effort to prevent them from following Qingheng-jun's footsteps.[1]


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