Nie Mingjue (聂明玦, Niè Míngjué) was a former leader of the Qinghe Nie Sect and the older half-brother and predecessor of Nie Huaisang.


Nie Mingjue's personality is defined by three things: strictness, bad temper and an intolerance for anything deviating from the moral good. While this attitude won him acclaim and a reputation to match his martial might, the post-Sunshot Campaign shift in power towards the Lanling Jin Sect also marked him as a great opposition to their power, especially in the eyes of Jin Guangshan.

Furthermore, as the trademark cultivation of his sect affected his temper, his intolerance grew to the point where he could not accept that two of his subordinates were killed by Jin Guangyao, then Meng Yao, when they were captured with him and brought before Wen Ruohan in Nightless City. This was despite Meng Yao pointing out that Nie Mingjue himself would have died if they did not, since all three had offended Wen Ruohan.

As a fierce corpse, he was exceedingly strong but did not possess a consciousness of his own and is not a special fierce corpse compared to Wen Ning who kept his personality and could think for himself. He was incapable of recognizing anyone, including his own brother and himself. He was fierce, violent and attacked anyone. When his limbs were separated, they would often attack innocent civilians killing them in the hopes of finding its missing body parts. When he is sewed back together and reconstructed, his fierce corpse is controlled and filled with resentful energy and rage. His resentful energy was mainly directed at Jin Guangyao but he also attacked those of similar bloodline and breath (i.e. Jin Ling).


  • At 191 cm he is the tallest character in the whole novel.[1]
  • He is the strongest walking corpse in the series, outranking even Wen Ning. However, since Wen Ning maintains his own consciousness, there is nothing special besides overwhelming strength which defines the walking corpse made from Nie Mingjue.
  • Fan pairings involve NieYao (Nie Mingjue x Jin Guangyao), NieLan (Nie Mingjue x Lan Xichen), ShuangNie (Nie Mingjue x Nie Huaisang).
    • Where the XiCheng (Lan Xichen x Jiang Cheng) pairing does not exist in fic, a common trope is the Venerated Triad love triangle (Lan Xichen x Jin Guangyao vs Nie Mingjue x Jin Guangyao), and typically involves Nie Mingjue being secretly jealous of Lan Xichen (because Jin Guangyao reserves all the positive attention for Lan Xichen). There is also the Venerated Triad relationship (Nie Mingjue x Lan Xichen x Jin Guangyao) where they are a OT3.


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