Nie Mingjue (聂明玦, Niè Míngjué) was a former leader of the Qinghe Nie Clan and the older half-brother of Nie Huaisang. He is also known by his title Chifeng-Zun (赤锋尊, Chìfēng-zūn).


At 191 cm, Nie Mingjue was the tallest character in the novel.[1] Although he was ranked seventh in looks among the young masters of the cultivation world, his formidable appearance gave the impression that he could start burning with rage at any moment.[2]


Nie Mingjue was well known for his strictness and violent temper.[3] His temper only worsened over the years, as the saber spirit of his clan's cultivation methods began to affect him.[4]

In addition, Nie Mingjue possessed an extremely black-and-white sense of morality, and was intolerant of anything he deemed to deviate from the moral good. For instance, he refused to show mercy towards Wen Qing's branch of the Qishan Wen Clan, claiming that her lack of martial opposition to Wen Ruohan made her an accomplice,[5] and refused to forgive Jin Guangyao for killing several of his subordinates while undercover during the Sunshot Campaign.[4]

However, this intolerance also gave Nie Mingjue a strong sense of fairness and justice, as he immediately backed Xiao Xingchen's evidence against Xue Yang in the face of the Lanling Jin Clan's political equivocations.[6] He was also compassionate to those he deemed innocent: during the Sunshot Campaign, Nie Mingjue went out of his way to reassure a woman and child trapped between the fighting, and reprimanded the soldiers he caught gossiping about Jin Guangyao.[7] Notably, Nie Mingjue still respected those who disagreed with him if they demonstrated integrity, as evidenced by his commendation of Mianmian.[5]

Although Nie Mingjue rarely opened up to others,[7] he was rather protective towards those he cared about. In fact, the deepest regret of his life was watching his father's demise after being gored by a beast during a night hunt.[4] Later, he became sworn brothers with Jin Guangyao with the intention of steering him back to a moral path. He also attempted to hide the truth about the saber spirit from Nie Huaisang for as long as possible.[4]

Jin Guangyao noted that Nie Mingjue showed no interest in women, art, alcohol, or anything outside of his saber work and killing members of the Qishan Wen Clan.[4]


  • Nie Mingjue was the tallest character in the entire novel, standing at 191 cm.[1]
  • Nie Mingjue ranked seventh on the list of best-looking young masters in the cultivation world.[2]
  • Nie Mingjue was the strongest Fierce Corpse in the novel, outranking even Wen Ning.[8] However, since Wen Ning maintained his own consciousness, there is nothing special about Nie Mingjue's undead state besides his overwhelming strength.


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