• I am Female (I chose the name Allen Walker because he was a favorite character of mine)
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  • Hi! I wanted to reach out because I'm afraid there might be a misunderstanding over the edits on wwx's abilities! :( I wasn't trying to erase certian details because they're not happening, but because adding every little detail (like whom it is used on, how it is used, etc.) isn't entirely necessary on the abiltiies page, which essentially just lists the basics of the abilities. But if you want to add individual pages for golden thread formations, the freezing spell, and more, you can make up those individual pages and list out every instance and detail of use. (I transferred your 'paperman in web series' info to the 'paper metamorphosis' page, for instance). I'm very sorry if it came across as merely erasing things, though. :(

    Also, do you remember whereabout the blood -fire spell happens during the series? I'm having trouble finding it to make the citation lol; I only vaguely remember it happening :P

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