Madam Mo (莫夫人, Mò fūrén) was the first Lady of the Mo family and the one in charge of it.


She is described as a middle-aged lady with well maintained health and wearing extravagant clothing.[1]


Ever since a young age, Madam Mo was unable to stand her younger sister, who was the daughter of a servant. She also had the same mean behavior towards her nephew, Mo Xuanyu. When Mo Xuanyu was taken away by his father, Madam Mo was jealous and wanted to have even the slightest relationship with a cultivation Sect. She hoped that the envoy who came would take her own son, Mo Ziyuan, to cultivate as well. However, she was refused, or rather, ignored.[2]


Madam Mo was the only daughter of the former head of the Mo family and his principal wife.[2]


Mo Ziyuan

Madam Mo indulged her beloved son all the time, especially in his actions against his cousin, evident when he became enraged at her attempts to smooth over the situation to look good in front of the Lan Sect disciples.[1]

Second Lady of Mo

Madam Mo always hated her younger half-sister, as she was the daughter of a servant. Her resentment towards her only increased after Mo Xuanyu was taken away by his father, Sect Leader Jin Guangshan to cultivate, but her son was refused.

Mo Xuanyu

Madam Mo treated Mo Xuanyu like she treated her sister, calling him a cut-sleeve and the son of a servant.



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