The Lanling Jin Clan (兰陵金氏, Lánlíng Jīn Shì) is a cultivation clan based in Koi TowerLanling.


Members of the Lanling Jin Clan wear delicately embroidered clothes that display a magnificent white peony on their chests – their crest symbol, the Sparks-Amidst-Snow. They wear a vermilion mark between their eyes to symbolize their openness towards wisdom and aspiration, and their intention to "illuminate the world with vermilion light."[1]


The Lanling Jin Clan uses their considerable wealth to gain advantages during night hunts, as Jin Ling uses expensive spirit-trapping nets on Dafan Mountain.[1]


Leader of the Cultivation World

Under the leadership of Jin Guangshan, the Lanling Jin Clan exploits its wealth to become the leader of the cultivation world following the demise of the Qishan Wen Clan.[2] Multiple political enemies are murdered, and, despite its key role in the downfall of Wei Wuxian,[3] the Lanling Jin Clan recruits Demonic Cultivators in the hopes of increasing their power.[4]

Jin Guangshan is the first to propose the idea of a Chief Cultivator to guide the other clans. He dies before he can be appointed to this role, however, and his son Jin Guangyao becomes the first Chief Cultivator. Upon his rise to power, Jin Guangyao claims that he will attempt to right many of the wrongs that the Lanling Jin Clan had committed.[5]

Lookout Towers

Despite political opposition, under Jin Guangyao's leadership, the Lanling Jin Clan builds twelve-hundred watchtowers to protect the common people typically ignored by cultivators. Each clan assigns disciples to the lookout towers, and these disciples raise an alert to nearby clans and rogue cultivators if suspicious activity is noticed. If the cultivators then demand compensation from commoners too poor to pay, the Lanling Jin Clan uses its wealth to support them.[6]

Current State

After Jin Guangyao's downfall, the Lanling Jin Clan is thrown into disarray. Eventually, Jiang Cheng comes to the aid of his nephew Jin Ling, and with the use of Zidian, gains control of Koi Tower to appoint Jin Ling as the new clan leader.[7]


Clan Leaders

Other Members

Guest Disciples


  • The Jin Clan's peony motif is based on the real tree peony Paeonia suffruticosa, or Venus Snow Wave (金星雪浪, jīnxīng xuělàng).


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