Lan Qiren (蓝启仁, Lán Qǐrén) is an elder of the Gusu Lan Sect known for producing outstanding students, even out of the most hopeless ones. He is the uncle of Lan Xichen and Lan Wangji.


Lan Qiren is a tall and thin man with a good posture. In the past, he had a long black goatee and was described as good-looking, though his uptight manner gave him the image of an old man.[1]

In Animation, Lan Qiren has long black hair with some pulled into a bun and golden eyes. He has a goatee that was once shaved off by Wei Wuxian's mother. Lan Qiren is usually seen frowning.


Lan Qiren is an infamously pedantic, stubborn, and strict teacher.[1]


Having watched his brother Qingheng-jun drive himself into self-destruction over love, Lan Qiren therefore took guardianship of his nephews, teaching them strictly in an effort to prevent them from following their father's footsteps.[2]



Madam Lan

Lan Xichen

Lan Wangji

Wei Wuxian

Lan Qiren was annoyed by Wei Wuxian's actions while he studied at Cloud Recesses and saw him as a troublemaker. His opinion of Wei Wuxian only got worse after Wei Wuxian started demonic cultivation. Lan Qiren would blame Wei Wuxian for Lan Wangji's actions after the Sunshot Campaign.

Lan Sizhui

Lan Jingyi

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  • Cangse Sanren once shaved off his goatee beard because she thought that he would look even better without it. Her son, Wei Wuxian, did the exact same thing years later.


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