Jin Zixuan (金子轩, Jīn Zixuān) was Jiang Yanli's husband and the father of Jin Ling. He was Jin Guangshan's only legitimate child.


Jin Zixuan wears the yellow robes of the Lanling Jin Sect. He has his black hair pulled up in a ponytail. He has a mark on his forehead that symbolizes his status as heir to his sect.

In Animatin, Jin Zixuan has only appeared as a teen at Cloud Recesses. He has dark hair pulled back into a short ponytail. He has a mark on his forehead that symbolizes his status as heir to his sect. 


Jin Zixuan is arrogant, having no issue with insulting Jiang Yanli while her brothers were in range to hear. However he was also willing to stand up to Wen Chao when the latter ordered them to seize Mianmian to be sacrificed in order to lure a monster, protecting her alongside Wangji even though he knew his actions would have consequences.


At some point he was engaged to Jiang Yanli. Like others, he was sent to study at Cloud Recesses where he angered Wei Wuxian after insulting Jiang Yanli. This fight led to his engagement being cancelled and Wei Wuxian being kicked out of Cloud Recesses.

After the Wen Sect burned Cloud Recesses down, Wen Ruohan demanded all sects send their cultivators to study under them. This included Jin Zixuan. He followed Wen Chao's instructions as so not to lose his golden core, though like others was unhappy. When Wen Chao ordered Mianmian to be sacrificed to lure a monster, Jin Zixuan stood up to Wen Chao, fighting him off. He escaped the cave with Jiang Cheng after an alternate escape route was discovered. After this he returned to his sect.


Jiang Yanli

Jin Zixuan and Jiang Yanli were in an arranged marriage. Originally the two had no interest in each other, though the two did eventually fall in love and have a child.

Jin Ling

Jin Zixuan is Jin Ling's father. He was protective of Jin Ling when he was alive.

Jiang Cheng

Jin Zixuan is Jiang Cheng's brother in law through his marriage to Jiang Yanli. The two were initially hostile towards one each other, due to Jin Zixuan's crude comments towards Jiang Yanli from his lack of interest in her and how he looked down on their sect.

Wei Wuxian

Jin Zixuan and Wei Wuxian did not get along. Their dislike of each other increased when Wei Wuxian started a fight between them after Jin Zixuan insulted Jiang Yanli of being an average girl, unsuitable for his status. This did not diminish after Jin Zixuan and Jiang Yanli got married, but both respected each other for being Jiang Yanli's beloved person. After Wei Wuxian became the Yiling Patriarch, Jin Zixun attempted to attack him when Wei Wuxian was travelling to Jin Ling's birthday where he was invited by Jin Zixuan. Jin Zixuan who caught up of the secret ambush to his guest, tried to stop the fight but the encounter ended in Jin Zixuan's death by the hands of Wen Ning.

Abilities & Weapons

  • Suihua (岁华, Suìhuá) was the sword that Jin Zixuan wielded, later passed on to his son Jin Ling after his death.


  • Jin Zixuan ranks third on the list of best-looking young men in the cultivation world.[1]


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