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Jin Chan (金阐, Jīn Chǎn) is a junior disciple of Lanling Jin Clan who is not on good terms with Jin Ling.


Jin Chan is described as appearing about the same age as Jin Ling, but with a wider build.[1]


Jin Chan appears to be a bit of a bully, as he leads a group of junior disciples to taunt the person he believed to be Mo Xuanyu.[1]

He also seems insecure about his abilities and status, evidenced by his consistent jabs towards Jin Ling: that Jin Ling only beats him in fights by relying on Fairy, and that Jin Ling thinks he can command him because Jin Guangyao is his uncle.[1][2]


According to Jin Ling, Jin Chan often brought a group of juniors with him to fight against other disciples.[1]

At the Discussion Conference at Koi Tower, Jin Chan leads a group of three or four junior disciples to mock Wei Wuxian, believing him to be the disgraced Mo Xuanyu. When Jin Ling comes to his defense, Wei Wuxian bonds with Jin Ling by teaching him a move to subdue Jin Chan and the other bullies.[1]

Jin Chan is later among the junior disciples kidnapped and taken to the Burial Mounds, where he and Jin Ling nearly engage in a fight despite their precarious situation. He is presumably among the juniors who fight bravely during the Second Siege of the Burial Mounds to save their rescuers who have had their cultivation sealed.[2][3]


Jin Ling

Jin Chan has a history of bullying, according to Jin Ling.[1] The two seem to have a contentious relationship overall.[2]

Mo Xuanyu

Jin Chan looks down on Mo Xuanyu and thinks of him as an "indecent disciple", as he approaches Wei Wuxian (who he thought to be Mo Xuanyu) with the intent to accost him.[1]

Wei Wuxian

While held captive, Jin Chan declares that Jin Ling should have stabbed Wei Wuxian enough to kill him. Whether he has a change of heart after Wei Wuxian rescues and saves them is unknown.[2][4]


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