Jiang Yanli (江厌离, Jiāng Yànlí) was Jin Ling's mother and Jin Zixuan's wife.


Her appearance was described as above average.[1] In the animation, Jiang Yanli has long hair that is waist length. She has small hair buns on both sides of her head and yellow eyes. She wore light purple robes.


Although Jiang Yanli's personality was described as mild, with nothing too notable,[1] she was a very kind person and always tried to protect her younger brothers emotionally, being their greatest support.


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Jiang Fengmian

Eldest child of Jiang Fengmian. Her soft spoken but resilience nature comes from her father.

Yu Ziyuan

Her mother often scolded her for being too soft for Wei Wuxian and treating him like a kid, or as Madam Yu's said, "child of a servant" to Wei Wuxian and unbecoming of her as the young mistress of the Yunmeng Jiang Sect. Yu Ziyuan was still protective of Jiang Yanli refusing to send her in compliance with the Wen Sect's demand instead sending Wei Wuxian.

Jiang Cheng

Older sister of Jiang Cheng. She often acted as the mediator when Jiang Cheng and Wei Wuxian got into a fight. Jiang Cheng was enraged by her death.

Wei Wuxian

Very kind to Wei Wuxian and often made his favorite lotus root and pork rib soup whenever they met. Even after he became the Yiling Patriach, he and Jiang Yanli remained on good terms. Wei Wuxian went on a rampage when she died.

Jin Zixuan

Her arranged marriage partner since their mothers were very close friends. Doesn't like each other at first, and got mocked by Jin Zixuan for being an average girl until the engagement was broken off. But later, Jin Zixuan realized his mistake and pursued her again till they got married and blessed with a son.

Jin Ling

Her beloved son.

Abilities & Weapons

While she's not physically strong nor does she has a high level of cultivation, she is recognized as one of the best cooks in her sect.



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