Hensheng (恨生, Hènshēng) is Jin Guangyao's sword.


Hensheng is a flexible "soft sword" easily hidden on the user's person, usually wrapped around the waist or arm. Its blade, however, is extremely sharp. Once it has been wrapped around an object, its user can send spiritual power through the sword to cut that object into pieces[1].


Jin Guangyao concealed Hensheng at his waist or arm when he was undercover in the Qishan Wen Sect, only drawing it at critical moments[1].

After Jin Guangyao discovered Wei Wuxian in his paperman form, he drew Hensheng to attack him. It was then left to fend off Suibian while Jin Guangyao continued his attack[1].


A few famous swords were destroyed by Hensheng's special ability that allows it to cut the object it is wrapped around into pieces[1].


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