Below is a glossary of cultivation terms discussed in Grandmaster of Demonic Cultivation as translated by Exiled Rebels Scanlations. General terms found in wuxia/xianxia/xuanhuan can be found here. This page will instead discuss where they differ from the norm.


A general categorisation of creatures discussed between Wei Wuxian and Lan Qiren include:[1]

  • Yao/fairies (妖) are formed from living, non-human beings;
  • demons (魔) are formed from living humans;
  • ghosts (鬼) are formed from dead humans;
    • This includes ghosts, zombies, walking corpses, and Wen Ning.
  • monsters (怪) are formed from dead, non-human beings.
    • May include water ghouls (uncertain)

Under this categorisation, it is uncertain where gods such as the Dafan Mountain Soul-Eating Goddess falls under.



Typical cultivation focuses on manipulating spiritual energy from the dantian, using the golden core to store spiritual energy. This allows the practitioner to perform a number of feats such as inedia, flying with swords, killing monsters etc.

Demonic Cultivation

Main article: Demonic Cultivation

Supposedly founded by the Yiling Patriarch Wei Wuxian, the defining characteristic of demonic cultivation include the utilisation of resentful energy or vengeful energy.

Technical Jargon


A lot of refined cultivation clans called travelling to places and exorcising evil beings “hunting.” Because of how these creatures often appear at night, it was also called “night-hunting” (夜猎).[2]

"The First Example Cannot be Counted On"[3]

Refers to preventive measures which are only effective once and once breached cannot be fixed. This is equivalent to a house's threshold; while normal thresholds can keep malevolent spirits at bay, once they manage to cross the threshold the malevolent spirit can attack at any time.


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