Corpse poisoning is an illness that results in the death and transformation of its victim into a turned corpse if left untreated.


Corpse poisoning occurs when a person is infected with a walking corpse's necrotic blood, either through a direct wound or contamination of one's wounds with corpse blood. Inhaling or ingesting the powder emitted by destroying walking corpses will also infect a person, with inhalation the worse of the two due to the speed at which it can enter the bloodstream. A person with corpse poisoning will develop a fever, among other symptoms. When it reaches the heart, the infected person will either rot away and die or become a turned corpse[1]. Before a certain point, it is still possible to cure the poisoning and save the infected person.

Corpse poisoning has two known cures: elixirs and glutinous rice. The elixirs are not commonly carried by cultivators[1] while glutinous rice is a folk cure often employed by the common people. The glutinous rice is either applied directly to the infected wound or consumed as congee (rice porridge) if the corpse powder was inhaled[2].


  • The sword Shuanghua, which has the special ability to detect corpse energy, nonetheless registers infected, but living people as corpses.


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