Carp Tower (金鳞台, Jīnlín Tái; also: Koi Tower, Jinlin Tower) is the Lanling Jin Sect's residence in Lanling.


The LanlingJin Sect’s Carp Tower sat in the most flourishing part of Lanling City. The main road used to visit the tower was a carriage path more than half a mile in length. It only opened for important events such as banquets or the Discussion Conferences. According to the Sect’s rules, one must not walk at a fast pace here. Both sides of the path were covered in murals and reliefs, telling stories of the Jin Clan’s leaders and other distinguished cultivators. During the journey, disciples of the Sect would act as guides as they drove the carriages.

Following the stairs up Carp Tower was a wide, brick-paved square. To the far side of the square, an alabaster base sat over a flight of nine stairs in the ruyi style. On top of the base, a magnificent palace complete with a hip-and-gable roof overlooked an ocean of Sparks Amidst Snow. Multiple paths were situated before the square.

Fragrant Palace

Main hall of Carp Tower

Glamour Hall

Main hall for banquets

Blooming Garden

Jin Guangyao's room.


  • Jinlin Tower. (金鳞台) reads as 'Golden Scale Tower', but the Exiled Rebels translation switched to Koi Tower halfway through the ongoing translation.
    • Jinlin (金鳞) and Jinlin (金麟) have appeared throughout the online edition, which makes it hard to pin down any specific translation since which is an honest transcription error versus which is the name that was meant, is unclear.