The Burial Mounds (乱葬岗, Luànzàng Gǎng; also: LuanZang Hill) is the location of the siege led by the Four Great Clans and hundreds of smaller clans that ended in Wei Wuxian's death.
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Strictly speaking, 乱葬岗 is a generic name for a mass grave in Chinese.

In GDC, however, the Burial Mounds apparently indicate a location across the Long River from Yunmeng, still within the confines of modern Hubei province.



Allegedly an old battlefield, the Burial Mounds was famed as a haven for walking corpses and vengeful ghosts, being the site of an old battlefield. It resisted the Qishan Wen Sect's attempts of purification multiple times, until they were forced to close it off.

The Land Creates the Person: Birth of the Yiling Patriarch

After being trapped within by Wen Chao after the burning of Lotus Pier and without access to any spiritual abilities, Wei Wuxian resorted to his old theories regarding Demonic Cultivation. He developed a method to control walking corpses and ghosts to do his bidding.

First Siege

After Wei Wuxian's death, one hundred and twenty stone beasts were erected on the Burial Mounds. Although many soul-summoning rituals were conducted, none could summon his soul even after thirteen years[1].

Second Siege

In the wake of the chaos at Fragrant Palace, Wei Wuxian and Lan Wangji somehow found their way here.


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